Dying Man’s Last Wish Granted When His Dog Visits Hospital [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A dying man was granted his last wish in Scotland when he was able to give his beloved border collie one last kiss before he passed.

You’re going to need your tissues for this one, trust me.

Peter Robson was bedridden in a hospital in Scotland. The 70-year-old man was terminally ill and was at the end of his fight against lung cancer. In his last hours on earth, Robson contemplated life as might be expected, but wanted for no comforts of home.

Well, except for the snuggle of his beloved border collie Shep. He hadn’t seen Shep in weeks, and his family said that all he wanted before his life ended was to say goodbye to his loyal companion.

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Robson’s nurses told his family to get Shep, and the emotional Facebook video has gone viral, with hordes of people tearing up as they watched Shep lovingly lick his human. Relatives and staff at the hospital in Dundee can be heard sniffling and crying as they watch Robson lean over to pet Shep, and to get one last puppy kiss.

Posted by on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ashley Stevens is a granddaughter of Robson and said that when her grandfather saw Shep, he broke down in tears. She said that seeing Shep was his last wish and that he was so happy to take his mask off and snuggle with Shep one last time. Shep was able to spend about 30-40 minutes with Robson.

And then, as if he was content now that he’d seen his good boy one final time, he died a few hours later, surrounded by those who loved him.

Posted by on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stevens said that the staff at the hospital went above and beyond their call when they granted her grandfather’s last wish, and that the hospital could never know how much it meant to Robson and his family.

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Shep was given to Robson eight years ago after his wife died and Stevens said that they were best friends who were rarely apart. When he was diagnosed with a progressive form of lung disease and then emphysema in 2015, doctors said that he’d maybe live three to five years longer, but instead turn a turn for the worse in December and he and Shep were separated when he went into the hospital. Stevens said he was heartbroken as he didn’t think he’d ever see his dog again.

Stevens said that Shep was all her granddad had and that seeing him with Shep one last time was amazing. It was only right that Shep was there for him right to the last minute.

Didn’t I warn you to get your tissues?

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