Meghan Markle Makes the Royal Rounds and Visits a London Animal Rescue

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is a well-known animal lover, which makes her newest patronage of the Mayhew Animal Welfare organization in London a no-brainer. The new royal patron visited this week and couldn’t help herself from giving!

When the Queen gave her newest granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle several patronages, the world ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ about how fitting they were, particularly being the patron of the Mayhew animal welfare organization in London. She’s always made it known that she loves animals, is mostly vegan, and has rescued several dogs herself. She works hard to wear animal-conscious/vegan clothing and is never short on a little ear scratch for pups that present themselves at royal publicity opportunities.

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Today The Duchess of Sussex made her first visit to @TheMayhew since becoming Patron – Mayhew is a grassroots charity working in a unique way to improve the lives of animals and people to better communities both in London and internationally. Mayhew looks for innovative ways to reduce the number of animals in need through pro-active community and educational initiatives and preventative veterinary care. Among the people she met was Wully, a formerly homeless pet refuge service user, and his two dogs Azzy and Gallis – The Duchess found out about the different ways Mayhew’s animal welfare officers have supported Wully and his pets over the past 11 years. Her Royal Highness also met Roobarb the dog, who is part of Mayhew’s dog therapy programme TheraPaws, which puts smiles on the faces of vulnerable individuals. The Duchess met volunteers who dedicate their time to Mayhew community programmes, including the trap, neuter and return programme, which controls and cares for the feral cat communities in London. And Her Royal Highness was also able to meet the team behind Mayhew’s international work, which includes an overseas vet training programme in countries like India and Afghanistan to help improve animal welfare.

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Which was the adorable case recently when she visited Mayhew this week, meeting with the staff and volunteers and learned more about the upcoming projects. While there, she visited with the dogs and clearly proved that the mom-to-be will most certainly be raising a little dog-lover as well. She pet them all, and looked thoroughly delighted while she did so.

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Royalty aside, can you blame her? There’s just something magical about getting some puppy love, and the Duchess was certainly soaking it up!

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🐶 The Duchess of Sussex meets Minnie, a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, during her first visit to @TheMayhew since becoming Patron. Minnie has recently become available for adoption from Mayhew. Mayhew work to keep rescued animals safe, healthy and loved, caring for them on-site or via foster care, until they can find them the perfect family — last year Mayhew rehomed 98 dogs and 380 cats.

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One little Jack Russell named Minnie seemed especially content in the Duchess’s arms as Markle heard about what the folks at Mayhew do and would like to do for the dogs at their facility. Markle remarked that Mayhew seemed like the perfect place to take care of pups, and Minnie, who is up for adoption, agreed–though easy for her to say perched from royal arms and atop a regal belly bump!

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