Motionless Mutt Wins the Mannequin Challenge! [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The mannequin challenge is sweeping the Internet, with people posting videos showcasing outrageous frozen poses. But one dog from Florida wins the challenge with his Oscar-worthy performance in a party scene!

It’s the latest and greatest Internet trend; someone films a little vignette where participants are completely still as if mannequins. It started with a bunch of high school students in Florida, and now has celebrities such as Beyonce, Ellen Degeneres, and even First Lady Michelle Obama getting involved in the frozen fun. People all over the world are posting their mannequin clips, and many have some really crazy set-ups!

Our paws-down favorite, though, has to be an amazing pooch from St. Augustine, Florida. Cody Bennett shared his mannequin challenge clip on social media and at first glance, though the participants are stick still, you’d not think it was much more unique than the many, many others that are being posted all over the place.

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But you’d be wrong, because Cody’s features a dog that completely blows all the humans’ poses out of the water! As the camera pans, you see some really great “frozen in a party scene” performances, but then you get wowed by a dog who freezes in his ‘play pose’ so successfully, you’d give him the Emmy right there for “Most still creature ever in a mannequin challenge video.” Not only does the pup hold his pose like a pro, he looks as if he is frozen in pose that shows he is having the best time ever at the party. I mean, he’s frozen belly-up with a smile on his face!

Winner, winner!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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