Hilarious #SnootChallenge Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s a new challenge floating around in the Twitterverse, and it has dogs showing how adorable they are as they attempt to put their best snoots forward!

The has pet owners all over the world asking their dogs to show them all the cute as they place their snoots in circles made by their owners’ fingers or other circular shaped objects.

As you can imagine, some are better at the task…

YOU GUYS. pic.twitter.com/nPuFeuCwd6

— Samantha Bresnahan (@samanthabrez) August 22, 2018

Gunner was all about the 😜 pic.twitter.com/0dUdVpOF86

— Krista Kenna (@whereiskrista) August 23, 2018

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And some are still working on it.

He doesn’t understand 😂 pic.twitter.com/MH0AlqtCpx

— Kaylie Nelson (@KaylieNelson13) August 23, 2018

take 1 pic.twitter.com/PwQ3W8TdHA

— Liz Kelley (@lizkelley) August 24, 2018

Some couldn’t be bothered…

Me: let’s do the

My dog: pic.twitter.com/Yg7B1ePUeb

— MNC (@humanxtragedy) August 23, 2018

ULTIMATE FAIL pic.twitter.com/0VomrMxXr9

— jessica (@jessicarunny) August 23, 2018

While others decided it was the coolest thing since stuffed donut dog toys.

Wish I had a dog *sigh*


RT @louby_love: We tried the with a doughnut!!👌🍩 pic.twitter.com/n0GJq1zZMc

— I, melissa wright (@melissawright75) August 24, 2018

Some thought it was a great way to snag some kisses from mom!

He loves giving kisses so this wasn't difficult at all. pic.twitter.com/XgM6r0e377

— Michelle White (@MWhiteMES) August 21, 2018

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While some even attempted to do it even though they were

When you try to do the but you don’t have a snoot ): pic.twitter.com/cXOm5F2AXy

— Jimi 🥞 (@_jimbo__slice__) August 24, 2018

Some even decided that fingers looked mighty tasty!

i tried the and my dog is an actual GREMLIN pic.twitter.com/ZU7Cz4XWky

— savbug (@capisgay) August 23, 2018

So I tried the .. ya pic.twitter.com/k0bMwLE886

— megsandbacon 🐣 (@quad_goddess) August 23, 2018

And, while it started out with the sniffing snoots of dogs, it’s been expanded to all sorts of animals!

all snoots are welcome in the 🐦 pic.twitter.com/RXbUKkFYzG

— イライ (@divinacommediia) August 24, 2018

these dog "tricks" are just dumb 😑 pardon me while I drive away pic.twitter.com/r5WqUNlu6M

— Cat Church (@CatVictory) August 23, 2018

tried doing the with my cat.. didn’t work out pic.twitter.com/ZD78cIG7ec

— syd🥀 (@sydfullum) August 24, 2018

I decided to give my *spirited* pup Lilly a shot. She’s a pretty smart gal, and went right for it (the treats she knew were just off to the side didn’t hurt!), though she is still so energetic, she didn’t last long in the ‘circle.’

Lilly rocked the but didn’t stay long! 😂 pic.twitter.com/Pg8hTNwl3u

— Lori Ennis (@LoriMEnnis) August 27, 2018

Give it a shot with your favorite furry friend! It’s a heck of a lot better than watching the news these days!

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Lori Ennis

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