Mutts4Trucks Pairs Shelter Dogs And Truck Drivers To Hit The Open Road

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Mutts4Trucks is a new program that is pairing professional truck drivers with shelter dogs–benefiting the dogs with a new home, and the truckers with some much-needed companionship on the open road.

It’s no secret that dogs make us happier and even may help us live longer lives, and to celebrate that power, Pedigree has paired up with The Mobil Delvac and launched one of the best ideas ever. Mutts4Trucks pairs shelter dogs with professional truck drivers to help make a positive impact on the physical and mental well-being of truckers.

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Mutts4Trucks kicked off in Nashville, TN with a huge dog adoption event on September 27, and is perfectly timed to champion for better mental health of professional truck drivers and the benefits of dog adoption this week as it’s National Mental Health Week.

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We can all agree that four-legged friends are the best, like this sweet adoptable pup here. My little @cuppythepuppy is my best friend and the inspiration behind my partnership with It's a new program from Mobil Delvac and @pedigreeus that pairs shelter dogs in need of loving forever homes with professional truck drivers who could use a friend on the road. My grandpa was a truck driver for over 30 years, so this program is super special to me.⁣ ⁣ Truckers are so vital to our economy, and this mission is making a positive impact on their wellbeing through the benefits of pet companionship. To learn more, visit or click the link in my bio!

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The kickoff featured Grammy-nominated star Cassadee Pope and the super-popular trucking couple The Crafty Trucker.

There, truckers adopted new family members from the Nashville Humane Association. The truckers also were given a car-safe harness, a leash, Pedigree dog food for the road and more.

Truckers say that on the road, they get lonely and bored. Even when they’re home, because they’re so used to being on the road, things can be awkward. Adopting dogs that need homes and love is a great way to take away that awkwardness and loneliness and fill it with lots of furry companionship.

While truckers are what the bulk of the country depends on to receive community goods, trucking is a lonely profession. They spend an average of 240 nights away from home a year, and a third of surveyed drivers say this time away and being lonely significantly affects their mental health.

But, boosting their mental and emotional (as well as physical) health by pairing them with a dog in need is brilliant because it works to solve two very serious problems: mental health issues in professional drivers and homeless dog situations.

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According to research from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, 80% of pet owners say their pets help them feel less lonely and 76% say that their interactions with their pets helps them feel less isolated from society.

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Leah Ritter is the Mobil Delvac brand advisor. She said that Mobil Delvac has worked with truck drivers for nearly a century. They’ve seen first-hand the sacrifices of truck drivers to add to our economy and they are committed to showing their appreciation by focusing on the mental well-being of truckers. They hope that teaming up with Pedigree will help some of the almost 4 million truckers on the road, as well as the almost four million pets who end up in shelters every year.

Elizabeth Barrett is the Pedigree Brand Manager and says that Mutts4Trucks benefits dogs and drivers by giving dogs homes and drivers furry friends with whom they can hit the road.

The Mutts4Trucks campaign will march into 2020 and Pedigree and Mobil Delvac will follow several truckers as they and their new companions are on the road. Awww…we can’t wait to see more stories!

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