Nepal’s Kukur Tihar Festival Celebrates The Day Of The Dog

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
They say every dog has his day, and for pups in Nepal celebrating Kukur Tihar, it’s the second day of the festival!

In Nepal, the Hindu festival of Tihar runs based on the new moon of the Hindu month Kartika, and is five-days of various worship and honorings of animals. Day two happens to be the day of the dog, and dogs are celebrated and given a Tika blessing–a red mark on their foreheads.

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Kukur Tihar, a celebration in Nepal that pays tribute to dogs and their special relationship with humans. Between mysticism and folklore, the dog becomes protagonist in a universe customised for him where stories of abuse or abandonment have no place. . Lets celebrate and spread the word about this amazing festival so that the whole world celebrate it. . . @dogsofinstagram @cesarsway s stagram sofinstagram ofig lovers owners s stagram cafe

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This has to be one of my favourite festival, kukur tihar as we celebrate dogs in our surrounding and how they share an intimate relationship with humans.. M, T and P had a special morning full of cuddles, looking cute in marigold garlands, been fed yummy food and treats..During tihar, each day is devoted to honoring a different entity which lives in close proximity to humans like crows, cows and dogs.. In Mahabharata, the king Yudhishthria refused to enter heaven without his dog.. Even heaven is better with a company of a dog….Hope u r celebrating your furry member (thank u @firoziboota for making me look all festive this diwali ) friendly sofig s_of_world lovers dogs

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Hindus believe that Yarmaraj–the God of death–‘s messenger is a dog, and that keeping dogs in good spirits and well-cared for will appease Yamaraj and keep him happy too. Many believe that dogs guard the gates of heaven, so dogs are given lots of extra treats too.

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Happy Kukur Tiher!! ネパールの犬の日祭り、ほんとは昨日だったらしいけど時差ってことで良しとする。大好きなおやつ買ってあげました✨ day dog stagram #狼犬 stagram

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Some photos of our Kukur Tihar celebrations yesterday!!! ❤️🐾🐶🙏🌞 It was a beautiful day with all our dog loving friends!!! . . accident sofinstagram s scare festival @streetdogcare . Street Dog Care has been helping wounded and sick street dogs in Kathmandu for 10 years. We have: – A Non-Killing shelter – Professional Veterinary Technicians on the road every day – Permanently handicapped dogs being looked after for the rest of their lives – Animal Love – Vaccinated dogs – Weekly free health camp in Boudha

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The festival shares some Indian Diwali traditions, and has also been called the little festival of lights. The other days of the festival honor cows, crows, and oxen, but we’re biased–the dogs do it all for us.

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Its my day today ! Celebrating Dogs Day in Nepal !! 😆🐶🎉🎁 sday good gram

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✨🇳🇵🐶 🎉🎊 was celebrated in our home last night. This special day is where dogs are celebrated, prayed for and offered food. A dog is the most loyal friend to human beings and it is also regarded as the symbol of Yama, the deity of death. The Dog day is probably one of my favorite days, Prem loved it too! ese gos sofyyc sofinstagram sofinstagram

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Especially because the day of the dog doesn’t just recognize loved pets but strays as well.

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每位繞大佛寺、轉經輪的人都要繞過他們三位,曬太陽最大🌞 – #我可以連發582張狗狗相片 #可愛到點 #被可愛攻擊

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It’s a big day for dog owners and lovers alike. Check out a bit more about this special day in this video.

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