“Paws of Gotham” Calendar Showcases Diversity of Pets and People I

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The Paws (of Gotham!) are coming out in the Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue’s 4th annual calendar, and it’s full of celebrities, influencers and of course… pawsome animals!

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Ohio and New York that saves, rehabilitates and re-homes animals that come from high-kill shelters all over the country. Since 2009, the organization has saved over 10,000 animals and recently has donated over $10,000 to help animals who were in shelters in Texas and Florida before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit. They pride themselves in being foster-based so that they can really know a pet before it is rehomed, and thus reducing the chance the animal will ever have to have another bad day again.

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They work to give all animals the home they deserve, and they’ve just announced the upcoming release of their annual fundraising calendar. This year’s is called “Paws of Gotham,” and the fabulous photos in the calendar were taken by amazing South African photographer Candy Kennedy. Kennedy donated her time and efforts to help raise money for animal charities and New York. She says she was able to work with really creative people and that was great, but she most loved that all the people she worked with share an unquenchable love for animals with her. She said that finding the right pets to fit with the right people is a challenge, but there are few more rewarding.

Some of those animal lovers who joined and collaborated with Kennedy include Mario Cantone, Maggie Geha, Brett David, KhrystyAna and Chef Roze Traore. All had the same goal–to show pets in the best of ways, hoping that all animals are able to find the perfect forever family.

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Kennedy wanted to focus on the theme of diversity in people and pets, showing how there’s someone for everyone, and she did so in this spectacular calendar. Each month features the vibe that only New York can give off, featuring a rescue pet with a celebrity, influencer or model. All proceeds go to Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue and pre-orders can be made by going to their order page. Pre-ordered calendars will start shipping out on November 14, 2017.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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