Pittie-Looking Dog Prevented From Competing in Dock-Dog Meet

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
You can’t judge a book by its cover, but a Missouri woman found that not to be true when her sweet dog wasn’t allowed to be in a dock-dog competition.

Amanda Morrisey loves her 2-year-old rescue Annie. When the Missouri woman adopted Annie, the rescue group didn’t know her breed, but Annie didn’t care because she was perfect. Annie made a great dock-dog (where she runs, jumps off docks and swims competitively) and the duo travel to compete in competitions.

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Imagine Morrisey’s disappointment for Annie when they were told that Annie could not compete in Kansas City, Kansas because of an ordinance that bands dogs that ‘have pit bull characteristics.’ Even though Morrisey says they aren’t sure what Annie’s breed is, that she looked like a pit bull was enough to keep her from the competition.

The decision to not let Annie compete was taken to the Kansas City Police Department, and after running the issue through the proper channels, decided that she would not be allowed to participate in the competition. More, the Kansas City Police Department said that Annie wasn’t even allowed to stay in the city.

Morrisey was hoping that Annie not staying in the city might still somehow allow her to be able to compete in the competition, as some cities have exceptions they grant in cases like this.

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That exception was not granted, though. Annie was denied the ability to even go to the competition as a spectator, though Morrisey says she still planned to. She said Annie has never been anywhere near aggressive toward anyone, and was a loving champion of a dog. Several weeks before, she’d competed in a nearby city, Overland Park, and the city’s official stance was that they couldn’t tell her breed.

This discrimination has made Morrisey realize that she now wants to be a breed ambassador for pit bull mixes and pit bulls, and that her going to the competition, even without Annie, will bring awareness.

[Source: KFOR]

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