Spitfire The Whippet Believes He Can Fly [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Ever wonder what it would be like to fly with four legs? Wonder no more, as an incredible Whippet named Spitfire will be happy to show you…and break records while he’s at it!

There are some incredible dogs in this world. With technology being as it is, we’re lucky enough to ‘meet’ them and often, find ourselves in awe of them.

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And when I came across this video of an amazing dog named Spitfire jumping 31 feet across a pool? You best believe my jaw dropped in awe.

Spitfire jumps a distance of over 31 feet to create a new world record for the farthest leap by a dog pic.twitter.com/00alb3lNYB

— viral viral (@xxlfunny1) October 10, 2018

That jump earned Spitfire the world record for the longest-ever jump by a dog. But, that’s not Spitfire’s only record–he’s also pretty fast on those four feet and the world record-holder in speed retrieval.

They see me rollin’

Posted by Spitfire the Whippet on Friday, July 27, 2018

My favorite thing about Spitfire though? He is this mega-record holder but totally hides his celebritydom behind his adoration for his human, 13-year old Sydney Mackie from Olympia, Washington. He just loves her and wants to please her, and what is sweeter?

Kristi Baird is Spitfire’s Dog Docking trainer and in an interview earlier this year, she tried to describe what differentiated Spitfire from other dogs. She said that pretty much any dog could participate in those events, but what made the great dogs so great at it was their drive.

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Baird says that dogs with drive show in their level of competition and it’s just innate to the dog. Dogs who participate in dock diving are varied in breed, size and shape and enjoy all the dog things like chasing and playing in water.

But the fastest–the ones who fly through the air with their four feet gracefully and make humans feel woefully inadequate? Well, they’re dogs like Spitfire and they rock our world!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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