Over-Protective Pet Parent Leaves Over-the-Top Pup Care Instructions

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Because no one takes care of your pet like you do, a thoughtful dog parent left her nephew the most detailed of instructions when she went out of town.

Tommy Rivers’s aunt had to leave the care of her sweet puppy Pepper in Tommy’s hands. So, what does any good pet owner do for the pet sitter before she leaves?

Leave a list of instructions, of course.

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But this wasn’t just any list his auntie left him. No, Tommy’s aunt wanted to make it very clear that Pepper, AKA ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the world,’ was to be treated royally, and had very specific wants and needs.

For instance–under no circumstances was Pepper to have any carbs for snacks. Nobody likes a doggie with a muffin top! And as for affection, Pepper preferred big hugs and a little kiss–Pepper’s mama surely didn’t want Tommy trying to wimp out on the hugs!

Tommy was also instructed to send his aunt a picture of Pepper daily, as well as FaceTime so they could have some time together and given a very specific list of ‘Don’t’s that included hitting, kicking or yelling at her. Tommy was to know where Pepper was at all times to ensure she didn’t escape and Tommy’s auntie was sure to leave the most important (and hilarious) ‘don’t’ of all as she told him, “Don’t hate her because you ain’t her!”

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Tommy obviously wasn’t a hater, as he posted his aunt’s list of demands instructions on his Twitter and Imgur accounts, setting the internet up for the hilariousness. Tommy was a good sport, following all the instructions explicitly and even sharing a pic of how happy Pepper was in his care.

Which just goes to show–you want a job done right? You be sure to tell someone exactly how to do it. And don’t forget, no carbs!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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