Quarantine & Chill With Teddy The Dog During the “Pawdemic”

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
While the state of the world today makes our heads spin faster than a dog chasing his own tail, one hound of great renown is trying to lighten things up and help those who need food during the COVID-19 crisis.

Walking the aisles of Global Pet Expo 2020 (which frankly, seems like a lifetime ago, even though it was just a few weeks), we came across a line of t-shirts and apparel that literally stopped me in my tracks.

It was this shirt that made me crack up laughing, and as I did, Ted Pidcock said, “Hey! You need one! We’ve got a great sale going on, and look at all the charitable giving we do!”

I looked at his impressive banner, filled with lots of worthy charities and LOTS of dollars donated. Ted told me it was all the direction of the head dog in charge: Teddy.

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I asked who Teddy was, and Ted told me he was sort of an enigma to describe…he’s a divine canine, as many say. Teddy waxes poetic and spins the wittiest sayings on all sorts of things, and then big-hearted as he is, he donates to charitable organizations on a regular basis! His “Picks of the Litter” regularly rotate as a new charity is chosen each month, and with all the things going on in the world, it was only natural that Teddy had some stuff to say about it!

Enter the Quarantine & Chill Collection. If you ask Teddy, it’s really all about what he does best! Giving homage to spending the day “watching Petflix” shows and getting some extra loving from the “remuttly” working humans, purchases from the “It’s Fur Own Good,” graphic line donate to Feeding America.

Feeding America has been responding to COVID-19 by serving communities and individuals who face hunger across America wherever they are.

So, if you buy one of the tagless, garment-dyed, ring-spun blended cotton shirts, you’ll be a cool kid on the block and help feed some too. And, even though the shirts are the softest things in the world (they really are!), if you’re more into mugs, Teddy’s got you covered too!

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And, though it’s not from the Quarantine and Chill Line, we have to say we’re pretty sure you need to go ahead and start your Christmas shopping now because this mug says it all!

For more of Teddy’s impawtent wisdom in this trying time, check his Facebook page out!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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