Squeaking Kid Inhales His Dog’s Squeaking Toy

Parents are best at somehow filtering out the high-pitched squeaky sounds of their kids’ voices. But what happens when their child sounds like a squeaky toy?

Dog owners with small, yappy dogs and parents of young children tune out sounds that pierce the ear. But one set of parents recently had to really pay attention to their little boy Anthony’s squeaks when he started sounding like a dog’s squeaky toy.

And although the boy was laughing about it, and his parents no doubt got a good chuckle, too, they had to take him to the Emergency Room. The hospital was Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in New Jersey and the doctors told the parents they would have to have the dog toy removed, possibly with surgery.

I doubt the boy will be laughing much after the surgery once the pain sets in!

The doctor at the ER said he had never had a patient squeak at him in all his 37 years of practice. He probably had plenty of nurses that did some squeaking, though!

Apparently what happened was the boy inhaled the squeaky part of the dog toy, in an attempt to be curious about it.

Some kids, you know are hands on and can’t help themselves. They touch everything they can because they need the stimulation from the sense of touch to somehow validate the experience and call it real to them. They have to experiment with everything in their environment, and often these kids have a high intelligence for mechanical ability. It’s how their brains are wired.

The boy’s video got 25 million hits on Youtube and he became an overnight sensation.

Donna Schwontkowski
Donna Schwontkowski

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