SuperZoo 2017 – Day 1 Highlights

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Forget the cone of shame – why not try the onsie of embarrassment… or as 21st Century Animal Healthcare calls it, the Relax and Recovery Shirt.

I’ve started to put my Christmas wish list together, and Santa better be bringing me the Croci Daily Revolution knitted sweater and hat combo… with a purse to boot.

Doggy sleepover time – who gets the top bunk? Both bunks are super comfy in the EcoFlex Aspen Pet Bunk Beds.

Hehehehehehehehe. Scooter’s Butt Bar.

Hours of yummy fun with the OurPets Wobble Doggle Electronic Treat Dispenser Toy

When you just don’t have enough hands to hold everything on your walk, get your hands on the Hello, I’m Gizmo Dog Walking Device.

Silly dog… everyone knows cats can climb walls! Furtile Ground makes quite the fashion statement.

My, what big eyes you have, Big Eyez Wobbler!

Scrub the grub off your dog with the Dexas Scrubbusters Dog Washing Brush.

I wanted to bring all of these Yorkies home… but I did walk away with plenty of kisses!