Shed Defender’s Doggie Onesie Keeps Fur From Flying

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
SuperZoo, you never fail to disappoint! We saw the Shed Defender in person and we’re in love… in love with less dog hair to clean up, that is.

Let’s be real. Of course we love our pets and we’d do just about anything in the world to have them in our lives. Including put up with all the hair they leave behind. But wouldn’t it be nice to just wear an outfit to an important meeting without looking like you’re growing another dog on the outside of your pants?

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Or, how about not apologizing profusely anytime someone comes to visit and your dog, obviously born to give love, leaves an abundant amount of hair all over your guest?

And for real–wouldn’t it be nice to not have to sweep doggie tumbleweeds up every 30 minutes?

Yes, we know. We think so too. Which is why we love the Shed Defender, designed by Tyson Walters. Walters says that he came up with the idea for the Shed Defender a few years ago because he was overwhelmed with St. Bernard hair from his big old love bug Harley. Walters said that he felt like there were no products on the market that truly contained hair like they promised they would, and so necessity being the mother of ingenuity? He came up with his own!

Enter the doggotard. Well, the Shed Defender sort of reminds us of a leotard, that is. It’s actually a versatile onesie for your pet that keeps all the hair that would normally fly everywhere contained. Even more, for those poor pups who have skin issues and/or allergies or hot spots? The Shed Defender keeps them from being an issue for your pooch.

It’s made from an Eco-friendly fabric that breathes and keeps your pet nice and comfy, and is veterinarian approved as a natural way to help reduce their anxiety because of the nice, snug fit. Walters said that Harley was his first model, and when he’d wear it around, fellow dog lovers loved it and wanted one of their own for their own pups.

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It’s patent-pending, as a result, and can even be a natural alternative to those pesky cones of shame because it can keep your pet from aggravating wounds as well. In essence? Magic that makes your dog look like a rock star.

No, really, they do–don’t hate because you secretly want one for yourself!

Our favorite thing about these bad boys is that Walters donates a portion of the proceeds to various shelters and animal causes through its Paw It Forward program. What’s not to love? Solves a trillion dog problems, gives to charity and puts a smile on your face every time your pup walks by.

Go. Now. They are on sale, and range from $32.99-$62.99 and we are telling you–your dog must have these!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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