Team Fluff Brings Lombarky Trophy Home From Puppy Bowl XIV

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I know, I know…the internet’s abuzz with all the ins and outs of Brady’s loss and the Eagles flying. I mean, I guess the commercials were alright, and I won’t ever turn down an opportunity to watch JT break it down.

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But the real fur flying I loved seeing was from the adorable young ‘uns from Puppy Bowl XIV. For the second year in a row, Team Fluff took the coveted Lombarky Trophy home, and all the dogs left the field as very good boys and girls!

Much like the human ballplayers’ fourth quarter, nails were being bitten as the dogs’ leads kept going back and forth between the teams. Kaleb Junior, a rescue from Puerto Rico’s devastation after Hurricane Maria scored the final and winning touchdown, though, and gave the ultimate win to Team Fluff and a score of 52-47.

Bear was the MVP of the game, with Mr. Wigglesworth winning the Underdog award, and just like at real games, there was a kiss (lick?) cam! Once again Tinder sponsored puppies and encouraged users to ‘swipe right’ on adorable puppy profiles. Social media fans lit the interwebs up with posts from the adorable kiss cam but I have to say–the halftime show pretty much was life last night.

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Bringing havoc to the game was Kitt-Ensync (get it??) and much as I love JT,
his fur doppelganger and team! I mean, seriously…loved those cats!

All in all, a successful bowl game, and we’re sure next year Team Ruff will be even hungrier for a chance at the title of champion.

But let’s be real–there are no losers in this bowl game! Every one of those sweet babies was number one to me!