This AI-Powered Camera Will Make Sure You Capture Every Precious Moment With Your Pets

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Have you ever been in a situation where your shaky hands robbed you of a valuable memory or an Insta-worthy shot? Every pet parent knows how frickin hard it can be to capture your cat or dog in the action, as one butt wiggle or paw move can make that perfect pic look like a blurry mess. I mean, it is one of the main reasons why most pawrents have their phones chock full of pics featuring their pets sleeping. Well, now you can have an AI-powered camera to help you take Hollywood-style videos and snaps of your precious furbaby.

The OBSBOT Tail, presented to the public as the “world’s first auto-director AI camera” just rolled out a new feature that is certain to draw in pet owners. Pet Pal, their new filming mode, uses computer vision to automatically recognize cats and dogs. In other words, this nifty futuristic camera will lock in on your precious fur baby and follow their every movement for a perfectly captured moment. Needless to say, this feature alone is more than enough to make OBSBOT Tail a revolutionary gadget.

The OBSBOT Tail is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

How does it work? The camera is using a 360-degree 3-axis gimbal and 3.5x zoom to be able to follow your pet’s every move, whether they’re running, jumping or strolling around. No matter if they’re doing acrobatics or moving through a crowd, the OBSBOT Tail will keep them in the center of the picture. The artificial intelligence ensures the camera is always able to recognize your furry friend!

This is not a simple pet camera like many others on the market, but rather a state of the art camera with a special mode designed for filming cats and dogs. In other words, you won’t be shelling out big bucks for a gadget with limited use. You can use the OBSBOT Tail to film your family or make art- there are a ton of impressive functions that let you do literally anything you want with this camera.

The OBSBOT Tail is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for early bird price of $489 USD. Make sure to hurry and snatch one of these babies for your family- having all of your memories captured perfectly is certainly invaluable.