Wag-Related Tail Amputation Doesn’t Stop This Dog From Finding Furev

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The “Happiest Dog In Scotland” has found his happily ever after, adopted after his tail was amputated because he wagged it too much and too hard.

It’s almost hard to believe if you didn’t know it was true–a dog can literally be so happy and wag his tail so much and so hard that it can require amputation.

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Such was the case for Buster, a beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier in Scotland. According to the Scottish SPCA, poor Buster had such a joy for life, he wagged his tail all the time. And, apparently, he wagged it so ferociously that it eventually suffered to the point that he had to have it docked.

He’s been with the Scottish SPCA for two years near Edinburgh, but has now found his happily ever after in a new family with Mama Michelle Lennox. Lennox said that he was the perfect gentleman from the second she saw him, and now he’s even made some friends in his new neighborhood. She adds that missing his tail hasn’t made him one bit unsightly to the other pups in the ‘hood, as she says he’s quite the ladies’ man!

The Chief Superintendent of the shelter Buster lived the last two years in is Mike Flynn. Flynn said that he’s not one bit surprised that Buster was literally so happy, he wagged his tail off. He said that Staffies are one of the shelters most popular dogs, and with their friendly, loyal and uber-affectionate mannerisms, it’s easy to see why. Flynn says they are real people dogs who love nothing more than to be with their humans.

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The shelter staff is happy that he’s found his forever home, and says that he totally deserves the biggest sofa to snuggle up on and unlimited pets and bottom scratches.

We’re willing to be he’s wagging that little nub of his in agreement! Congratulations, Buster!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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