Weiner Dogs Unite For an Pop Art Protest

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An Australian artist has decided to use a group of short-statured pups to symbolize the plight of the oppressed, and whether it’s highlighting Weiner Dog Syndrome or Weiner Dog art, it’s fabulous!

They say art is in the eye of the beholder. And while this clearly true, it’s much different when the beholder’s eye is much lower than the rest of the crowds’!

Which is exactly what Australian artist Andrew Baines was going for when he organized a unique artistic protest. Unique in his subjects–several hundred Dachshunds and other dogs known to be of the shorter-legged varieties were part of photos Baines took on the streets and beach of Henley, South Australia. Baines hopes the pictures will stand as a powerful protest against the marginalization and oppression of humans who may be overlooked in societies all over the world.

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In short (see what we did there?), the Dachshunds and other vertically-challenged dogs hopefully will represent the ‘little guy’ getting overlooked and will bring about inclusivity and acceptance of all humans, (and dogs), no matter their stature.

Baines’s inspiration for the project/protest came from his observations of dogs at his local beach. Baines noticed that smaller dogs were always seeming to try to be at the front of packs, and yet…they often were trampled by (or nearly trampled by) bigger animals. He felt sorry for those knocked out of the way by dogs of bigger size (some might liken to ‘the Man,’) and he realized that those diminutive dogs were actually a bullied minority.

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In order to throw a little nod toward the proverbial escape of the corporate ivory tower, Baines instructed the dogs’ owners to wear classic business suits, to show the contrast between the rigid corporate world and the free, unoppressed ocean waves crashing against it. (Okaaaay…we may need to stretch our brains a bit, but we can see it!)

So, while Baines’s attempt to bring the inequality that societalminorities face to more people’s radars, and thus make a bold statement about the changes we need to make using dogs does seem to look like an entirely different kettle of fish than one might imagine, we have to say that we admire his intent and absolutely adore his subjects and their peaceful puppy protesting. We stand (albeit, much taller!) with them all!
Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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