Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Failing To Pay Support For Their Dog

When modern couple breaks up, who pays for the fur-kids? A wife is taking to ex to court for not keeping up with upkeep of their English Bulldog.

Sarah Bronilla is a marketing director from Manhattan. She split up from surfer husband Josh Rosen back in 2012. At the time of the divorce he agreed to pay towards the upkeep of their dog Lola. But, Rosen hasn’t paid a penny. It’s all been left to Bronilla, and so she’s filing a lawsuit!

Bronilla reckons that Rosen owes more than $32,000. Since 2012 Bronilla has paid for everything that Lola the English bulldog needs. The court papers filed state that she has paid $4,671.56 in vets bills, $18,000 for food for Lola and $12,000 for other miscellaneous expenses.

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Their initial agreement was that Rosen would buy all Lola’s food and have it delivered to Bronilla’s apartment. In addition he was to contribute $200 and they were to split any vets bills. Apparently he hasn’t done any of this and Bronilla is not happy!

It’s not just Lola who has been let down by Rosen either, apparently Bronilla herself is still waiting for $20,000 alimony and $80,000 from the sale of Rosen’s surf business earlier this year.

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It’s not like Rosen can’t afford to pay for Lola’s upkeep as he received $1.6 million from the sale of his business. It’s no wonder Bronilla is so annoyed! We’ll have to wait and see if the courts make him pay up.

[Source: NY Post]

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