Worst Guard Dogs Ever Welcome Burglars With Wagging Tails

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Two “Guard Dogs” did a lot of watching, but not a lot of guarding their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They even allowed robbers to give some love while they plundered the home of the pups’ mama!

I’ve often joked about my “Guard” Golden Retriever. She sounds like a vicious attack dog should someone dare knock on my door or ring the doorbell, but once the door is open, she’ll lick you to death, then likely show you the way to my silver, china and jewelry! She is certainly not a watch dog by any means.

Turns out, though, that two dogs in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, didn’t meet the expectations of their mom, who had signs all over her house warning possible intruders that there were watch dogs on premises. One sign on the front door warns there’s a “Bad Dog” inside, and has a picture of a dog with a menacing, “Don’t mess with me!” look. Some bad dogs, though, as Debbie Blakey’s two dogs watched two intruders break into her house with a crowbar and then forage around for things to steal. Not only did the two pups watch, they happily wagged their tails with excitement for the burglars and seemed to follow them around as if they were old pals.

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The men entered Blakey’s house through her kitchen, and cameras Blakey installed to specifically ward off possible intruders showed the dogs went running to the kitchen as if an old family member had returned. The burglars seemed not the least bit bothered or nervous, and one even bent down to give the pups some pets.

As Blakey watched the happenings later on her surveillance video, she was shocked that there was friendly interaction on the part of the burglars, and more shocked that her dogs were so receptive, rather than biting them and protecting her home. She’s lived in her home for more than 20 years and police told her that perhaps if she were home, the dogs would have protected her, but since she wasn’t, they weren’t too concerned about her belongings. Though Blakey wishes her dogs would have stopped the robbery, she was grateful that the burglars were kind to her dogs.

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The robbers got away with several items, including a gun, and Blakey hopes that her surveillance camera footage will help someone recognize the men and prevent another intrusion. In the meantime, Blakey has installed more surveillance cameras in her home, in hopes of again, warding off intruders and capturing footage to help find them should they break in…because it’s pretty apparent that her pups couldn’t be bothered to do any crime prevention!

[Source: WPLG Local10]

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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