Beloved Baseball Bat-Retrieving Dog Passes Away [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s a sad time for fans of the Minor League baseball team, Trenton Thunder. Their famous bat-retrieving dog Derby passed away from cancer over the weekend.

Baseball fans are mourning the passing of the bat-retrieving Golden Retriever Derby this weekend to cancer. Derby was nine-years-old and a very special pup to his team, the Trenton Thunder from Trenton, New Jersey.

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Derby was well-known in baseball, but certainly beloved to the Double-Affiliate team of the New York Yankees. He fetched bats from home plate during games and was the star of an adorable video that sent him straight to Internet Darling status.

Of course, the team is taking it hard. Derby was not just a teammate, but a family member, and General Manager Jeff Hurley said Derby was one of the biggest parts of the team’s identity. He was heartbroken to share the news as the team’s 25th season was impending.

Derby’s birthday was January 26th, and he would have been ten-years-old. Now, the team will recognize that day as Derby Day, and this year, the team will share special memories and videos as a tribute to their special good boy. They ask fans to do so as well, and to flood social media with their love for him.

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Derby’s dad Chase was the bat retriever dog for the Thunder before him, until he also died of cancer in 2013. Derby has a son as well, Rookie, who has been serving as a full-time bat dog since 2016, and who will proudly carry on the duties with honor and pride as his dog fathers before him.

Rest in peace, dear Derby. You were a very good boy.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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