Baseball Bat Dog Proves It’s Better to Run the Bases Than Retrieve

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
The ‘future’ bat-dog for a Texas AA baseball team has cracked us up with his less-than-obedient bat behavior, and is making the viral rounds as he rounds the bases.

It’s tough to be a retriever. I mean, let’s face it…with a name like that, people will expect that you will, well…retrieve. Which we’re sure you’d love to do unless there’s a huge field to run and kids to knock over!

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Which is just what happened Brooks, the future bat-dog for the Frisco RoughRiders in Texas. The RoughRiders are the AA Affiliate feed team to the Texas Rangers, and the bat-dog in training gave spectators a laugh when he failed to retrieve bats, as his job implies he’d do, as well as when he knocked a child over in the name of a good run.

Watch out 🛑! @RidersBrooks is running the bases! 🐶

— Frisco RoughRiders (@RidersBaseball) June 20, 2017

Seems Brooks may not be the best retriever, but boy can he run! He had the crowds cheering for him, despite the fact that he wasn’t paying one bit of attention to his trainer, who was earnestly trying to get him to retrieve the bat like a good boy.

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. @RidersBrooks "retrieves" the bat. Enjoy! 😂

— Frisco RoughRiders (@RidersBaseball) June 20, 2017

Brooks doesn’t seem one bit phased that he’s not officially clinched the job of bat-dog, and feels like the whole knocking the kid down (the kid was just fine, by the way) thing is just a rookie mistake to be expected. Because, really…isn’t that what a dog running the bases is all about? We sure think so!

Good boy, Brooks, good boy! You hit a homerun in our eyes!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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