Homeless Man Finds New Home For Him And His Dog

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A homeless man who wanted to find his dog a good home because he couldn’t take him to a shelter with him has now found a new home for them both.

You’ve probably seen the video–a family man with an education and a career found himself homeless and he told people it could happen to anyone. In the video, Robert choked up at times because he wanted to find a home for his beloved adopted dog Meaty.

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Front Street Animal Shelter posted the video of the Sacramento, California citizen, in hopes that they could find help for Meaty, who could not go with Robert into homeless shelters. Robert would not dream of taking Meaty to a shelter, and had even been sleeping in his car with Meaty on his chest to keep them warm while Robert figured out what to do.

When he made the heartbreaking decision to look for a new home for Meaty, calling him a big lover and hoping someone would just want to foster him until he could find suitable housing for his family, he touched the heart of Front Street’s shelter manager Gina Knepp.

Knepp was so moved, she paid for a dog-friendly hotel stay for the family so they could work on a longer-term solution. The video Robert made went viral, and because of the community outpouring of support, Robert found a rental home for his family.

Skyrocketing housing costs in the area put many people on the wait list for affordable housing, with nearly 43,000 people hoping to secure one of 7,000 slots for a voucher with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency’s Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Few homeless shelters accept pets, so there is an overwhelming need for better housing for both humans and pets. Knepp said that she wants mostly to reach out to her community in hopes that people will open their homes and hearts to foster pets whose humans are transitioning to permanent housing, and says the need to help both humans and pets in need is huge and critical.

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For his part, Robert is just ecstatic to have a place to call home for him and for Meaty, and wants to get on his feet so he can pay it forward as well.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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