Newsworthy Reporter Saves Drowning Dog While Covering a Story

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A little dog got a big rescue by some heroic people in San Antonio, Texas, after being nearly swept away by floodwaters.

The citizens of San Antonio, Texas have been deluged recently with flooding waters from heavy thunderstorms, and many have been rescued from dangerous water levels. One very special rescue was of a little dog who nearly drowned as it was being dragged through the current. Spectrum News reporter Sarah Duran saw the little dog and together with other members of the surrounding media and one San Antonio police officer, a plan to save the pup evolved.

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Duran said that she was just shooting footage of the water, as a woman had just been rescued and the media was reporting on the story. Suddenly, she saw a little thing bob in the water and at first, Duran thought it was a water bottle. When she saw the frightened eyes of the little pup, she realized it was a dog and quickly called to other media also sticking around working on their stories.

Alexandro Luna is with the San Antonio Express-News, and was also onsite. He and the other left-over media members saw the dog struggle and got the attention of San Antonio Park Police Officer David Ramirez, who was finishing up some business in his cruiser.

Officer Ramirez brought some rope to try and get lasso the dog, but was unsuccessful. The poor pup had made his way to a drainage area where people stood watching anxiously, and Duran said Officer Ramirez told Luna that he was thin enough to get down to where the puppy was and pull him up.

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And that’s exactly what happened. Attached to the rope that Officer Ramirez was holding with the other members of the media, Luna carefully got down to where the dog was, scooped him up and pulled him to safety. Luna said that he was heartbroken to see the poor little thing so scared in the water, and he was happy to see how everyone came together so quickly to rescue him.

Officer Ramirez said the dog would be taken to Animal Care Services to try and find an owner, if there is one, and a home if he needs one.

In a world of ‘fake news,’ all over the place, sure is nice to see the good guys can come together and win in the real world!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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