Queen Elizabeth Mourns The Loss of Her Beloved Corgi, Willow

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Queen Elizabeth’s last beloved pet Corgi, named Willow, who was a descendant from the line of her first Corgi, Susan, has died.

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth has a love for Corgis, and has had them all her life since she was given her first one, Susan, on her 18th birthday. Now, the last of Susan’s line has died, and the Queen, 92, is in mourning.

She’d grown up with dogs, with the first little pup coming into the family at the hand of her father, King George VI, who introduced Dookie the corgi into the royal line in 1933.

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Susan was given to her as she became a woman, and throughout her life, descendants of Susan would join her in her royal duties. The Queen’s last dog to pass was Holly, who died 18 months ago in Balmoral Scotland. You may remember that the pups starred with James Bond actor Daniel Craig in a mini-movie that premiered at the Olympic Games in 2012. The Queen also included the pair in her 90th birthday pictures with acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Willow was suffering from a cancer-related illness and was put to sleep at Windsor Castle, and palace insiders say that it feels like the end of an era with no more of the Her Majesty’s beloved pups running around.

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To many, it seems like the end of a reign, as the Queen had said she didn’t want anymore because she was worried about tripping over the dogs, though she did adopt a corgi, Whisper, last year from the Queen’s gamekeeper Bill Fenwick passed away last year. Whisper is not of Susan’s line, though, and it is doubtful any more of her line will be part of the Royal Family again.

Rest well, Willow…you’ve faithfully served your Queen and your country, and you’ll be missed.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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