Report Shows Pet Parents Prefer Pics With Their Dogs Over Partners

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A new study from shows “The Truth About Dog People.” Spoiler: We love our dogs (many of us more than our partners)! released a new study called The Truth About Dog People, which found that 24% of dog owners take more pictures of their dogs than their partners and 54% would possibly end relationships if their dog wasn’t fond of their significant other.

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I find this study’s results 100% accurate, as my husband guaranteed has three times as many pictures of our dogs as he does my son and me combined!

Additionally, according to their findings, 47 percent found it harder to leave their dogs for a week or more than they did to leave their partners.

Halle Hutchison is the vice president of marketing for Rover. She said that dog love is simple, pure and full of joy because our pets are family members we choose. Hutchison says that pet parents invest deeply in their pet relationships because they are so full of relationship love.

The report found that nearly 70% of pet owners like to look longingly into their dogs eyes, and almost half of the survey respondents preferred to cuddle their dogs more than their partners.

A potential partner’s view of one’s dog is so important that nearly 70% of dog owners say that a potential mate’s view and love for dogs would make them want to date them more.

The report responses were from hundreds of dog owners all over the nation who were dating another person or in a relationship with someone. Of Millenials surveyed, a quarter of them say they have atually stayed in relationships with others specifically because they liked the person’s dogs, while one in three pet parents believe (and regularly bring) their dogs should go on dates with them.

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And who gets the first ‘hello’ when a pet parent comes home? According to the report, 56% of dog people say the doggies get it first, then the human family members.

But let’s be honest…who’s more eager to hear ‘hello’ when you come home? Yep. And that’s why we do it!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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