10 Dogs Growing Up With Their Human Siblings

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Going up is easy to do, when you’ve got a doggy sibling. Check out these adorable family photos that follow these kids from puppy to adulthood.

1. From Pup To Pooch

Good job growing all that hair! Yes, human, you did alright too.

2. Love At First Lick

Fido’s just glad the little one no longer smells like poop 24/7.

3. Stronger Than Ever

These two sure grew out of their awkward phase!

4. Together Forever

Love (and age) knows no bounds.

5. BFF Forever

Bros should also be affectionate with each other.

6. Best Buds

Thirteen years and still going strong!

7. Old Gals

Don’t give us those doe-eyes, Rover, we know we can’t resist!

8. Pucker Up

No matter how old they are, they’re always a pup at heart.

9. Reps

Now, the human can use me as a weight lifting machine – yay! I helps!

10. Bed Hog

It was cute before – now I… can’t… breathe!

[Source: BoredPanda]

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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