World’s Best Mom Sends Dog-A-Day Pictures To Her Son For A Year

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A social media mama has basically made herself known as the world’s best petsitter as she took pictures of her son’s dog every day he was overseas for a year in school.

Baja29reallyiam2 knew that her son would miss his dog horribly the year he was overseas, and she figured out that the next best thing to being with his dog every day was to take and send a picture of her every day he was gone.

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a mom takes pictures of her son's dog every day for a year
The meticulous mama said that the family dog was only agreed upon when her son swore he would walk an empty leash around the block twice a day just to prove to his father that he was responsible enough to have a dog. Her son’s tenacity served the family well six years ago when they adopted a Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle mix they named Terror.

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Terror was hairless and starving and pretty much afraid of everything and everyone. But the perfect love a family who wanted her so has helped him evolve into a sweet and gentle dog who loves everyone. A mama shared pics of her son's dog every day for a year

The lucky pup seemed to have no issues taking the pics, as they were regular pieces of their day-to-day life. Baja29 says that she knew it would be hard on her son, so she sent pictures to cheer him up.A mama sent pictures of her son's dog to him every day while he was at school

And she’s cheered the whole Interwebs up as part of the process! Hooray!
WHen a dog and his human were reunited it was magical on imgur
Of course, she posted the reunion pics as well. Who’s cutting onions?