Dog Photographer Shares His Love For His Furry Subjects [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Ever wonder how some of those adorable pictures of dogs being so human come about? Famous ‘Dog’ Photographer William Wegman takes you behind the scenes of what he calls the Wild World of Weimaraners.

You know you’ve seen his work (or something based on his work) before–the regal looking Weimaraner wearing some article of clothing or hat, and often times with human hands making the picture all the more adorably whimsical.

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William Wegman has always loved dogs, and his two current loves are Weimaraners named Flo and Topper. They are gorgeous Weimaraners and the subject of most of his art. He’s spent decades perfecting the method, and says that at one point, was a bit sad to be ‘tied,’ to the ‘cross of working with dogs only,’ but now realizes he has been so lucky to have the muses that he has.

His artwork has been seen in just about every media there is, from Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street to art galleries, commercials, books and movies.

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Wegman says that once Flo and Topper cross the Rainbow Bridge, he’s not sure he’ll have more dogs. He’s already 75-years-old and says that committing to more dogs when they’re gone would include decisions from his family as they may be likely to take care of them.

Then again, as much as he loves them, he says that if he makes it to 95, and his family says do it, he’ll always have a dog with him.

Just go to his website and watch his hilarious video from years ago! Something tells us that’s the way it should be!

Being Human With the Dog Photographer
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