Guard Dogs


A strong and impressive dog, the Boerboel is protective and loyal to his family.

Dutch Shepherd

Even though the Dutch Shepherd made its debut on the farm, this breed now makes a wonderful companion for your family.


The Newfypoo is a mix between a Poodle and a Newfoundland.

Karst Shepherd Dog

The Karst Shepherd Dog is a working dog that can adapt to family life, but requires a great deal of training and ...

Cimarron Uruguayo

With a name like Cimarron Uruguayo, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that these dogs hail from Uruguay.

Carpathian Shepherd Dog

Though he was developed as a livestock guardian, the Carpathian Shepherd Dog also does well as a family companion.

Caravan Hound

The Caravan Hound is a medium-sized breed with a long, lithe body similar to that of the Greyhound.

Giant Spitz

The Giant Spitz lives up to its name with his classic, spitz-like characteristics and his large size.

Moscow Water Dog

Developed from familiar breeds like the Newfoundland and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, the Moscow Water Dog is a rare ...