Boglen Terrier

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fast facts

About Boglen Terrier

20-40 lb
10-13 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Singles and families with children and other pets, living in a house or apartment, with a yard
Energetic, loving, smart, loyal, kind, protective, active, gentle, brave
Comparable Breeds
Beagle, Boston Terrier
12-17 inches
Boglen Terrier Basics

Also known as the Boston Beagle Terrier and the Boggle, the Boglen Terrier may look cute and be gentle and friendly, but this dog will also be fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves. You can expect this pooch to stand at your side forever, but he could be a bit stubborn at times and he requires a lot of attention and activity.

Would the Boglen Terrier be the ideal choice for your family? Keep reading to check out a few quick facts about the breed to help you answer that question.

The Boglen Terrier is a cross between a purebred Beagle and Boston Terrier.


The Boglen Terrier is a designer dog breed from the United States.


The Boglen Terrier is a cross between a purebred Beagle and Boston Terrier.

Food / Diet

When choosing a food for your Boglen Terrier, it’s recommended that you stick with a high quality dog food from a reputable brand that uses natural ingredients. This will help ensure that your pooch will get the nutrients that he needs to thrive.

You can feed your Boglen Terrier about 1½ to 2½ cups of a high quality dry dog food daily, but split this amount into at least two servings. You can also feed your furry friend a high quality canned dog food if you wish, but just adjust the amount of dry food that you’re providing, as you don’t want your dog to eat too much and gain too much weight.

Boglen Terriers are intelligent, kind, gentle, and tolerant dogs that are also loyal and faithful.


You should be prepared for a bit of a challenge when it comes to training the Boglen Terrier, which can be a strong-willed canine. Your dog might exhibit stubborn behavior, so you will need to be patient but firm while using positive reinforcement techniques that include plenty of rewards, treats, and praise. Bear in mind that these dogs are food motivated, so that can come in handy when you’re training your pet.

Focus on leash training, in particular, as these dogs also have a tendency to track and chase others. Starting from a young age will help your dog learn how to walk on a leash without getting distracted and pulling away.


A medium-sized breed, the Boglen Terrier weighs between 20 and 40 pounds.

Temperament / Behavior

Boglen Terriers are intelligent, kind, gentle, and tolerant dogs that are also loyal and faithful. They do well in big families in which they can interact with a lot of different people.

These dogs are protective of the people they care about. They’re brave, alert, and confident enough to take on risks to make sure that you’re safe, so you typically won’t find these dogs exhibiting worry or fear.

It’s important to know that these active dogs don’t like being alone, and they also become bored quickly. If you’re the type of person who works long hours or travels a lot, the Boglen Terrier might not be the best choice. You’ll need to provide this enthusiastic and energetic pooch with loads of attention. By keeping your pet occupied and happy, he’ll develop positive behaviors.

If you have children or other pets in the family, you can expect that a Boglen Terrier will get along well with all of them and be affectionate and friendly towards everyone.

Common Health Problems

As with all other hybrid dog breeds, the Boglen Terrier might be susceptible to the conditions that commonly affect its parent breeds. However, there is no guarantee that your dog will ever acquire any of those conditions, and hybrid dogs do tend to be surprisingly hardy and healthy. Plus, there is no way to predict an individual dog’s long-term health.

The muzzle shape inherited by the Boglen Terrier has made this breed less vulnerable to the breathing problems and heat exhaustion often suffered by Boston Terriers. There is also a reduced chance of eye infections because the eyes don’t protrude as much as they do in the Boston Terrier. However, the ears will need to be cleaned regularly, and the skin can become dry.

Life Expectancy

The Boglen Terrier has an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years.

Exercise Requirements

This canine breed is full of energy, so you’ll need to give your pooch plenty of opportunities to get active every day. By being able to release his energy in a positive way, your dog will remain healthy and calm.

Give your pet a variety of toys to play with while indoors, and take him outside daily for long walks. These dogs will also enjoy an enclosed backyard space where they can jump, run, and play without a leash.

The Boglen Terrier does well in big families so he can interact with a lot of different people.

Recognized Clubs

The Boglen Terrier is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, as it is considered to be a hybrid breed. However, this breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the Designer Breed Registry (DBR) the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).


Boglen Terriers have soft, smooth, short coats that don’t need a lot of grooming. You only need to bathe your dog when he gets too dirty, and you can brush him a few times a week to keep the fur clean and healthy.


Boglen Terriers are delicate when they’re puppies, so they should be handled with care. If you have children who will be playing with your puppy, supervise their interaction.

Start socializing your puppy from as early on as possible by allowing him to meet and interact with a variety of people and animals. This will ensure that he’ll grow up to be a confident, friendly adult.

Photo credit: Travis Lyman/Flickr; Bgsmith/Bigstock

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