Just Called To Say Woof: PetChatz’s PawCall Lets Your Dog Call You

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Don’t freak out! The call is coming from inside the house… and it’s your dog! The PawCall from PetChatz allows your dog to call you from home when he wants to chat.

While there are a number of two-way devices that connect pets with parents, this is the first one that actually allows your pooch to initiate the call. The original PetChatz 1.0 was launched back in November 2014 and the brand’s upgraded HD unit with the PawCall accessory is about ready to hit the market… are you thinking stocking stuffer too? Hold that thought!

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The actual PetChatz HD unit is a high-tech, pet-safe system that can be mounted to the wall of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or kennel and it lets you call your little guy to see how his day is going. You can see each other, hear each other and share all the daily gossip over your morning coffee and bowl of water. A simple click on the app’s icon allows you to dispense a treat, provide a scent that you can design and that Rover finds soothing as well as receive sound and motion detection alerts via the unit’s low-light camera and high quality audio system.

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But it’s their new accessory that takes this interactive system to a new level. PawCall is a 3” x 4” button that can be placed on the floor near the PetChatz unit. It’s durable construction means it can take on the most enthusiastic pooch and it’s this device that will allow him to ring you up whenever he pleases Truth be told, you can discreetly block his calls by activating or deactivating the illumination of the unit, but no need to tell him. When you are free to chat, the PawCall will blink on and off and (with a little Pavlov coaching) your pooch will soon recognize this as the sign that you’ve freed up some time in your schedule just for him and he can press the button to connect! And a special PetChatz ring tone will soon become easily recognizable to your pooch, alerting him that his favorite person in the world is trying to reach him.

The actual PetChatz unit connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and you can access a connection via your computer, smartphone or tablet. The PawCall accessory connects seamlessly via your phone or Bluetooth and allows Rover to call you regardless of where you are.

PetChatz HD and the PawCall accessory are sold separately and are now available for pre-ordering at PetChatz.com. Estimated delivery for PetChatz HD is January 2016 and for the PawCall it’s February 2016. PetChatz HD MSRP is $379.99 while the PawCall MSRP is $99.99. Okay, maybe Valentine’s Day versus Christmas – it still makes an awesome gift! The original PetChatz 1.0 is also available, but it’s not compatible with PawCall.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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