Best 10 Collars For Your Pomsky

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Because Pomskies are a relatively new cross-breed, there really isn’t a way to tell just how big your Pomsky is going to be. Ranging from 18-45 pounds on average, you’ll most likely use a small/medium collar, and you’ll want to be mindful of the double coat Pomskies have.

Friends Forever collars are a great pattern for your pomsky

1. Friends Forever Collar. Pomskies are adorable and for the most part, look like sweet little wolfy puppies all the time. This Friends Forever Collar comes in several gorgeous paisley patterns, sure to make your guy or gal look the part of a star. Reasonably priced at $12.99 and designer all the way.

Good Paw PU Leather collars will make your Pomsky feel comfy cozy.

2. Good Paw PU Leather Light Collar. Your Pomsky is bound to get into some activity, and these pretty leather collars have cool holographic designs that will go along with the ride. They’re practical with stainless double-d rings for rust resistance and the PU leather won’t bleed on your pup’s coat. They retail for $8.50-$10.00.

Leather collars for your pomsky have information engraved for safety

3. Personalized Leather Collar. We love the idea of these collars–embroidered with pertinent information so tags getting lost isn’t an issue if your Pomsky tends to roam as is in their husky DNA. They retail for $15.95.

4. GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collar. If you are looking for a comfortable and durable nylon collar that will also work to keep your best friend safe while you’re out and about, GoTags has a great solution. The highly reflective material on this collar will make it easy to spot your Pomsky, even in the dark of night.

Personalized embroidery stands out against the reflective material in your choice of 15 embroidery thread color options. The collar comes in 5 different colors and the highly adjustable sizing will help you to make sure that the collar fits properly on your dog as they grow.

Unlike many other personalized collar options available online, GoTags collars are manufactured in the United States. Each collar is made with smooth edges for your pet’s comfort and a strong, durable stainless-steel D-ring for attaching a leash and any additional identification tags. A plastic quick release buckle makes it easy to remove your dog’s collar if necessary, in the event of an emergency.

Reflective collars for your Pomsky will help keep them safe.

5. Reflective Personalized Collar. And since we know those playful pups are prone to wander, even in the evening, it never hurts that their collar is personalized with important info and reflective. We love these–easy to care for, reflective and they retail for $10.99.

Braided leather collars with nameplates are a great way to collar your Pomsky

6. Braided Leather With NamePlate. If you love the look of a nameplate, and want the durability of braided leather for the husky part but with some softer dainty that we love Pomeranians for, this is a great option. The text is lasered so it won’t fade with time, and the inner padding is super soft for your doggo’s neck. It retails for $11.77.

West Paws's hemp collar is antimicrobial and great for your pomsky's adventures

7. West Paw Scrolls Hemp Collar. We saw these at Global Pet Expo and loved the antimicrobial properties (bye-bye stinky leash!) of the hemp used to make them. They’re easy to keep clean, soft and rugged and their colors are perfect for showing up on the several different coat colors Pomskies are known to have. They retail for $20.95.

A Link Smart Collar will keep your pomsky safe all the time.

8. Link AKC Smart Collar. Let’s face it. Huskies are known for their love of adventure, and that sometimes drives them to run off in the name of fun. This Smart Collar from Link acts as a tracker and a monitor so that should your pup decide to hit the road, you’ll be able to find them instantly, wherever they are, pretty much anywhere in the United States. It also has the ability to record walks and activities with you, so you can keep memories of the fun you and your pup have. We love their free size exchange program and that it works with either iOS or Android systems. It retails for $99.00, with subscription additional.

LED lights on your Pomsky's collar will keep him safe and seen.

9. LED Rechargeable Nylon Collar. One more way to keep track of the wanderlust in your Pomsky is to ensure you can see him, particularly at night. This LED rechargeable collar does the job and looks cool too! We love that it helps you find your dog if need be, but also helps others see and keep your dog safe while you’re out and about. It retails for $18.99 and comes in tons of sizes.

Hip Dog collars are tagless, and make for quiet nights!

10. HipiDog Personalized Nylon Collar. A neat way to ensure information stays with your dog is to put it right on the hook–no more jingle-jangle of tags in the middle of the night! (Just me?) There are tons of colors and patterns to choose from and each one is handmade with double-stitching for durability and craftsmanship. They retail for $18.85.