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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog hats are not just stylish accessories – they keep your pet’s head and ears protected from the cold or heat. Read on to learn more about the benefits and features of dog hats and how to choose the best one.

A dog wearing a hat? You heard that right – and no, it is not silly! Hats that are specially designed for dogs are a really efficient and important accessory for your four-legged companion. These nifty and stylish accessories are both good for safety and protection against the elements but also as a fun fashion statement that will make your pooch stand out in the doggie park. Just consider the wide variety of situations in which a hat comes in handy, and you will quickly understand why every owner needs to get one for their dog. Whether it is the heat of the sun, or the freezingly low winter temperatures, a sturdy and protective hat can be more than useful in certain scenarios. Our pupper’s are sensitive too – especially their ears! And if they don’t have thick and shaggy coats, all the more reasons for them to wear a hat.

In wintertime, a hat can be woolen or insulated with fluffy cotton material. This provides some extra heat to the most important area – the head – and also acts to keep away the snowfall and the moisture. And in the hot summer months, a light cap will provide an all-important layer of insulation against the scorching heat of the sun. Light and reflecting materials will not just be another layer to add more heat – on the contrary, they will reflect the sun and cool your pet’s head. Another great thing about dog hats is the abundance of possibilities and different choices. You can experiment with all sorts of unique styles and designs that are out there, finding the one that perfectly suits your pet. Caps, sunhats, aviator hats, sleeve hats, or something entirely different – the choice is yours. You can also combine them with stylish scarves in the winter, or protective dog sunglasses and bandanas in the summer.

Dog hats have so many benefits, that’s clear to every pet owner who uses them for their pooch- and our pet’s don’t mind, either. Dogs don’t have a big aversion to hats and similar accessories once they are properly fitted- most of them will quickly adapt to having something on their head and grow accustomed to wearing it. Especially in the winter when that added bit of heat and protection will make them feel cozy and toasty!

To make your job of choosing the right hat for your pet easier, we’ve selected the best dog hats on the market. You just have to scroll and pick the one that suits your needs, preferences, and budget the most!

1. Editor’s Pick: Happy Hours Tail Up Dog Hat

Happy Hours offers this cute, simple, and efficient summer hat that will keep your pet cool and protected – not to mention stylish! Made from high-quality oxford material on the outside, with a soft breathable lining on the inside, this hat will surely keep the sun’s heat at bay. It comes with a sun guard/visor at the front and has two holes for the ears. An adjustment string at the front allows you to keep it tight and secure. And what’s best is the fact that this design comes in several different sizes, and a lot of colors and unique patterns. No need to settle for anything less than an ideal match!

2. Runner Up: MaruPet Round Brim Princess Cap

Designed for small breeds, this pretty princess cap will make your tiny pooch look like a proper little lady. Made from durable canvas and mesh material, this dog hat is lightweight and pleasant to wear- it has two holes cut out so your pet’s ears are not squashed underneath the cap. Perfect for warm weather when your dog needs some protection from harmful UV rays but you don’t want them to get too hot under a cap! Attention to detail is easy to notice with features such as a polka dot bow or elastic chin strap that keeps the hat in place without making your pooch uncomfortable. There are 8 available designs so any furry fashionista can easily find a perfect fit, and 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) that suit all toy and small breed dogs.

3. Best Baseball Cap: Petall Dog Baseball Cap

It is true that baseball caps will never go out of style- even when pooches are the ones wearing them. This Petall summer cap is a perfect choice to keep the heat at bay and make your pet’s day a bit cooler. This cap features a soft and insulated frontal part with a big visor, and a mesh, breathable rear with big ear holes. The rear also features leather padding to prevent chafing and sturdy straps with quick-release clasps for absolute adjustability. These straps are also connected beneath the chin so the cap remains firmly on the head. This is a fantastic solution for the summer months and outdoorsy pooches, and as it comes in small, medium, and large size, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fit for your dog’s needs.

4. Best Visor: Universal Dog Baseball CapSun ProtectionPet Visor Cap

Do you want your dog to match their look with your own? Put on a baseball cap and take your pet to the park- you’ll definitely be in the center of the attention! A replica of a classic baseball hat just scaled down to size, this dog hat is made from durable plush corduroy and polyester mesh for breathability and ventilation. The visor is also practical for sunny days as it will shield your pet’s eyes from harsh UV rays and the cap itself will prevent overheating. Fully adjustable nylon strap with clasps ensures a snug and comfortable fit, and since the baseball cap comes in small and large size, you’ll have no problem finding the right match.

5. Best for Winter: FLAdorepet Christmas Dog Hat

Whether you’re in a festive mood and want to include your pet in the holiday fun or just want to make sure your dog’s ears are not freezing when the temperatures drop, this super soft and warm knitted hat will fit the bill. Vibrant red with white trimmings and a fluffy pom pom, it is the picture of Christmas fun! The snood hat is stretchy and comfy to wear and it will adapt to your pet’s head shape to make sure they are snug, toasty, and cozy when they wear this ear-warming hat. It is fully machine washable and made to last- it will keep your doggo cute and warm for at least a few seasons! This knitted dog comes in small, medium, large, and extra large size to suit dogs of all breeds.

6. Best Camouflage: TAILUP Camouflage Hat for Dogs

Atten-shun! Make your pupper truly attention-worthy with this camo pattern summer hat. This premium TAILUP brand cap has all the protective properties that make it awesome for spring, summer, and autumn alike. Made from durable and breathable materials, with a sturdy and large front visor, this cap is perfect for the outdoors and those long walks. It features ventilation holes and an adjustable chin strap for an extra secure fit.

It comes in a variety of sizes to fit your dog’s breed from extra small all the way up to large. If your pet simply loves this style of hat (and you do, too), you can explore TAILUP’s other patterns and colors to complete their hat wardrobe look including floral and rainbow stripe. But this stylish military camo pattern that is perfect for the natural environments- your four-legged bestie will have no problem blending in!

7. Best Set: Michachi Christmas Set

Get ready for the holiday cheer and keep the winter at bay with this stylish Christmas themed set that combines a warm winter hat and a cozy scarf. Made from soft knitted fabric, these warm accessories are fantastic for the chilliest winter months. The hat has an elastic string for comfortable and secure wearing, while the scarf can be secured in place with a handy loop. The red and white snowflake pattern are perfect for the festive days, and will without a doubt make your pet the talk of the doggy park! This adorable set comes in small and medium size to suit small breed dogs of all shapes and breeds.

8. Best Aviator: Lifeunion Classical Aviator Hat

Bombs away! Soar to the heights of fashion with your pet with the help of this stylish vintage aviator hat. This hat is made from high-quality PU with super soft teddy cashmere fluffy interior. It features the iconic aviator look with added ear holes and long sides that can dangle freely or be connected beneath the chin for extra comfort and security. Good for most seasons, it can protect from the elements but also the wind if you enjoy riding with your pet on a motorcycle or a bicycle. As this cute dog hat comes in small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that perfectly suits your pet’s head.

9. Best Patterns: Pawaboo Dog Baseball Cap

With ear holes at the top and an adjustable strap under the chin, it won’t be a problem to make sure that the cap fits perfectly- and stay on during the walk. This baseball cap for pets is made from highly durable materials and is breathable in order not to trap moisture. Combine protection and beauty with this high-quality summer cap. Offering a large variety of sizes and patterns to choose from, this baseball cap has a match for anyone’s needs.

10. Best Cowboy Hat: YOAVIP Pet Dog Cat Cowboy Hat

Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, Instagram photo shoots or just a walk around the neighborhood, this cute cowboy hat for dogs will make your pet the talk of the dog park! Made from durable and soft polyester, the hat is a scaled down version of real cowboy hats- down to the little details such as little stars on the hat trim. The hat is held in place with two elastic straps that go under their chin so you don’t have to worry about the hat flying off while your dog is strutting around- nor that they’ll be uncomfortable or chafed by straps. The hat is available in black or khaki color and comes in one size that is suited for small breed dogs such as Dachshund, Yorkie, Maltipoo, etc. What’s more, the hat comes with a complementary red and white polka dot bandana to complete the look!

Important features to consider when choosing dog hats

The one thing that makes dog hats difficult to choose from is the variety – from different uses to different designs, there are so many factors to consider before buying. On the other hand, this also means that dog hats allow you to adapt to all kinds of situations and weather conditions. For instance, all you bikers and cyclists can add a little bit of added protection for your pet – with specially designed aviator hats and biker caps, your four-legged sidekick will also enjoy the wind in his hair without it being too harsh on their faces. And for all outdoors-loving people, sun and winter hats can make sure that your pooch accompanies you in style and comfort on all your adventures, year-round.

But what are the crucial components that make up a good dog hat, regardless of its intended use? What are those important features you really need to look for when making a purchase?


Getting a perfect fit for your pupper is the biggest challenge when buying dog hats or any other pet clothes and accessories. Of course, no two dogs are identical, and sometimes it is hard to find that perfect match on the first try. Your best bet – besides careful measurements – is to look for those dog hats that are adjustable. Many designs come with both chin straps, strings, or adjustable straps, all of which allow you to tighten the cap and ensure a good fit even if the size is not perfect. And sometimes, the design of the hat will influence the size you pick! Don’t forget your dog’s ears – some hats have special earholes, while others don’t- and that makes a world of difference for most dog breeds.


The material from which the hat is made can easily be the most important thing- it dictates its functionality, durability and the comfort factor. You need to carefully choose the hat’s material depending on the season! Making the wrong choice will defeat its purpose. For the summer, choose a cap that features a sun shield and which is made from cooling, breathable material. These are usually durable nylon fabrics that won’t trap moisture or heat and act as insulators. In the winter, you can opt for a stylish woolen knitted hat or a padded cap with good insulation. During this time you also want to protect your pet’s ears, which requires a design that does not expose them.


When it comes to dog hats, there’s no shortage of fun, cute, and elegant designs- whether you have a furry fashionista or want a simple accessory, there’s a match for your needs. With the sheer variety of designs, your choices are many. You can go goofy with knitted rabbit ears, deer horns, or bear ears, or get retro with aviator hats, tweed caps, and wooly hats. Moreover, many brands are offering exclusive patterns, colors, and one-of-a-kind models – all of which allow you to be as creative as can be! One thing that is great about this is the fact that the style won’t affect the important aspects – warmth and protection. So your pet can look good AND stay safe!


Last but not least is durability. This one is crucial if you want to have a lasting product and save money in the long run. A hat needs to be able to withstand all the challenges of the weather, the outdoors, and the mischievous attempts from the four-legged wearer. The tougher the material, and better the manufacture, the longer life span of the hat. You want to be sure that winter, summer, rain, and the wear and tear won’t take their toll on the hat – at least not too quickly. Some naughty dogs might also go for the pawing tactic until they get used to the new accessory. All of this comes into account and that is why durability is so important!

Benefits of dog hats

As we mentioned before, the weather elements can be quite tough on our four-legged friends, especially when temperatures go into extremes. Those hottest summer days, or the dead of winter, both can take a toll on our four-legged family members, and that is when we need to step in and provide a helping hand. Of course, we have a lot of nifty accessories to help us in this – from heating and cooling dog mats, to dog boots and sunglasses, all the way to scarves, hoods, and hats. Each one of these will work in particular circumstances – and that way your pet will be safe and sound throughout the year even if his coat type and build wouldn’t normally allow it.

But before you think that a hat won’t make a difference – consider that our furry companions are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and in that case, any bit of protection helps. We need to understand the dangers of both heatstroke and hypothermia – and these are the two big threats for our puppers in extreme weather. The effect of the elements can be severe, especially if your pooch is too young or too old, or one of the petite breeds. No dog is immune, of course, but some are particularly endangered and require more sheltering than others.

Light and protective summer cap will keep the heat at bay. Not only will a sun guard shield the eyes and provide better visibility, but the insulating properties of a cap will keep your pet’s head cool and clear while he enjoys some fun on the beach or runs around the park with his furry friends. In the winter, you have to be on the lookout for several factors. Low temperatures, frost, ice, road salt, and snowfall can pose a real danger for your pooch. Especially if they are unprotected. To remedy all of this, you will need protective vests and clothing, as well as a warm, knitted cap. This will keep their ears and head warm and secure, and keep the moisture at bay. And for those sensitive paws, consider protective wax or some warm, waterproof booties.

How should I measure my dog for dog hats?

Dog hats come in all sizes- some base their sizing on your pet’s weight, but most provide detailed measurements so you can ensure a snug fit. To get the numbers you need, use a tape measure and take the measurements from the base of one ear to the base of the other, going over their head while doing so. This will give you a clearer picture of what size of the hat you need for your pet!

How do I get my dog to wear a hat?

Not all dogs are big fans of clothes and accessories, and sometimes it takes some getting used to before your pet is comfortable wearing a hat. The first thing to have in mind is that you should never force your dog to wear a hat or be harsh if they deny wearing one. The key is using positive reinforcement to encourage your pet to wear a hat- use treats as a reward and a lot of praise and be patient. First start by pretending to put a hat on your pet and rewarding them, before you move on to actually putting the hat on, and then fastening it on, all the while rewarding your pet. Gradually increase the time the hat stays on until your pooch doesn’t seem to notice wearing it anymore.

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