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Some people look forward to the first snowflakes and sweater weather, others start counting down the days until next summer even before the year ends. It’s not much different with our pets, too – while some can’t wait to jump in a pile of snow, others shiver as soon as their paws hit the cold pavement. Winter has a different effect on everyone, but one thing is for sure – we all want to be cozy and warm when the temperatures drop, dogs and owners alike. 

Making sure that your pet is comfortable, regardless of the season, should be one of your primary concerns. In the summer, it’s making sure that your dog doesn’t overheat and protecting them from the harmful effects of strong UV rays. In the winter, there are multiple factors to worry about – the cold and wet can make life miserable for your pooch if you don’t have the right gear. Their paws will be freezing and get cracked if you don’t use appropriate protection and they could get a cold easily if they are adequately sheltered from the dampness and freezing temperatures. After a walk in the winter, getting your pooch dried and snuggled up in a blanket is a great idea- you can even get them a heating pad to make sure they are cozy and warm at all times. But, for some dog breeds, additional warmth is particularly needed when they are spending time outside, and dog winter coats are the best way to provide it.

Dogs that don’t have a double coat will highly likely need to wear a jacket in cold winter days. High-quality dog winter coats offer insulation and have water-resistant properties, both in order to ensure that your pet’s fur stays dry and that they are snug and warm even when it’s freezing outside. Of course, that’s just the basic function every winter jacket for dogs should provide – but there are plenty of other factors to consider when you’re choosing a perfect coat for your pet. Dog winter coats come in various styles, from reversible to lined, vest-style or with long sleeves, padded or even self-warming – it’s safe to say that every pooch can find a perfect match for his needs with ease.

To help you navigate through all those choices, we’ve rounded up the best dog winter coats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. From those that will keep your pooch cozy on a fall day to those that will keep him protected even in extreme temperatures- you can find what you need on our bestseller list. Read on to learn more about dog winter coats and how to make the right pick for your upper!

These stylish fleece winter coats don’t just look incredible; they also keep your dog comfy and cozy in the coldest of climates. Perfect for an active dog who likes to get out and run, it’s just as nice for your dog’s daily walk. It’s fleece-lined, waterproof shell keeps the sleet and snow at bay. It offers wind and water protection with the Polartec polar lining and uses a non-restricting fleece chest strap to keep your dog its warmest. The integrated hood gives extra warmth and it’s easy to wash in the washing machine. Made in the USA, you can customize to fit your dog perfectly, or choose one of their many breed specific options.

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Affordable, warm, and stylish-what more could you want? If you need something to keep your doggo warm and toasty in the freezing winter days, you can’t go wrong with this cute jacket. Easy to put on, the coat is lined with cotton and fleece, and has elasticated edges around the back and the legs for a perfect fit. The only downside is that it’s not waterproof – so if you have heavy snowfall in your area, it’s not suitable. This dog coat comes in blue, red, and pink and seven sizes for big and small dogs.

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For those pooches that live in places where extreme winter temperatures are the norm, a heavy-duty warm winter coat is a must. The Huttra Extreme Warmer dog coat is a bit on the pricey side but if you live in a place that experiences extreme temperature drops, then it is well-worth the price for your precious pooch.

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer is designed for precisely extreme weather. This dog jacket is both waterproof and warm – thanks to the heat-reflecting foil lining material that uses they dog’s heat to increase warm and blood circulation. The jacket also boasts a high collar and a hood that for additional protection from snow and wind – everything about this garment makes it perfect for a prolonged stay in the outdoors. Hurtta Extreme Warmer comes in nine sizes to fit a variety of dogs and five different color options including Coral Camo, Granite, Lignon, Orange, and Park Camo.

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No one will accuse your pooch of being a repeat outfitter with this stylish piece! The Kurgo Reversible Winter Dog Coat is fully reversible and will make it seem like your doggo has two coats instead of one. It is perfect for the stylish pet (and their human to match if they want).  Water-resistant and lightweight, this high-quality jacket is better suited for milder winters or dogs that don’t need too much insulation when temperatures drop. It is also made with reflective material so that your dog can be seen better in low-light conditions. It even has reflective piping for increased visibility along the edges of the coat. The Kurgo Reversible Winter Coat is water-resistant, microtomic, and made with ripstop material to prevent tears. 

This cool (yet still warm!) winter coat for dogs comes in 11 color combinations including Greenery/Forest Green, Inkblue/Seaglass, Coastal Blue/Orange, and more. It also has five different sizing options to best fit your pup. This is a perfect coat for hiking or play dates at the dog park as the athletic style allows your pet to move without restriction.

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Who says you can’t be cute and cozy both? This beautiful dog jacket has two layers to fully insulate your four-legged bestie: a thermal fiber-filled inside liner with heat-reflecting properties, and a weatherproof outer layer that prevents wind and cold from penetrating the jacket. Plus, the jacket also has a warm sherpa turtleneck-snood that adjusts easily and adds extra warmth. The WeatherMaster coat by Ultra Paws comes in two sizes and suits small breed dogs.

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Warm and beautiful, this winter coat with a faux-fur lined hood will keep your doggo toasty no matter how cold it is outside. The coat is thicker than most, with a soft interior lining that keeps your pet’s body temperature optimal and feels comfortable against the skin. The only downside is that there is no hole for the leash to come through – so you’ll only be able to use this jacket if you attach the leash to the collar and not a harness. PetBoBo Doggie Down Jacket is available in four colors and five sizes.

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Designed for mobility and warmth both, this dog jacket allows your pooch to move freely while still staying toasty in cold weather. Made from water-resistant and wind-resistant polyester blend fabric that also resists snow and dirt, this coat is lined with soft polar fleece for added insulation – the same material that the turtleneck is made of. Another great thing about this jacket is that it’s really easy to put on – it’s a great choice if you want something convenient and cozy. Lukovee Winter Dog Coat comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

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The Reddy Lined Surplus Jacket for dogs is an incredibly modern and stylish dog jacket. It is a perfect transitional piece from fall to winter or winter to spring. It can also be a great winter piece if you live in a moderate climate. You can style your pup with a sweater or their favorite doggie t-shirt before putting on the jacket (the fit allows it) or have them wear it on their own. Layers for the win! This hooded coat has a lightweight shell with a silky lining and it’s made to last, with smart details such as corduroy collar lining and brass-tone toggles. It also has cinched sleeves and a cozy hood to keep them warm, dry, and well put together. This stylish military-inspired jacket comes in 5 sizes ranging from extra small to extra large as well as different colors like this modern and trendy coral as well as a deep navy blue.

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This incredibly modern and stylish dog jacket is a perfect transitional piece- and it can be a great winter piece if you live in a moderate climate. Just dress your pooch in a sweater before putting on the jacket (the fit allows it) and that’s it! Layers for the win. This hooded coat has a military green shell with a silky camo lining and it’s made to last, with smart details such as corduroy collar lining and brass-tone toggles. This stylish jacket comes in 5 sizes ranging from extra small to extra large.

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This cute and cozy reversible dog vest will have your pup looking dapper and elegant as they strut through the dog park. The two-sided reversible style plaid allows you to change up your doggo’s look without adding to additional wardrobe pieces. The Kouser Cozy British Style Plaid comes in a variety of color combinations to match you and your pup’s personal style including bright red, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, and red. 

Not only is this dog vest cute and stylish, but it is also functional. The Kouser Cozy Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest is made with a water resistant outer layer and a warm and soft inner layer. The lining is made with cozy fleece that will keep your pup warm even on the chillest days but it is also lightweight, water repellant, and wind-proof so it can stand up to the elements. It comes in sizes ranging from extra small to triple XL, so it can fit doggies from chihuahua all the way to labradors.

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This unique dog winter jacket is as lightweight and thin as possible but at the same time insanely weatherproof and designed to keep your doggo warm in extreme weather. The outer material of the coat is waterproof, windproof, and snowproof, and the thick layer of anti-static polar fleece that lines it is perfect for keeping your pet’s body temperature up. This jacket is considered cold-repellent, impermeable and a tear-resistant and has been tested against blizzards and hurricanes – and came out as the winner. Available in four colors and five sizes.

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Not all dogs need to be dressed when the weather is cold. In fact, for some pooches, additional warmth from a coat could is not just unnecessary but potentially problematic, too- breeds such as Akita, Siberian Husky, Bernese Mountain Dog and similar already have a double coat fur, and putting on a jacket could make them overheat even when it’s freezing out. The dense layer of short guard hairs underneath the longer hair above will keep your doggo nice and toasty so you won’t need to get them a jacket for warmth – but maybe a raincoat would be a smart choice if you want to keep them dry in heavy snowfall? 

On the other hand, the majority of pooches don’t have a double coat, and depending on the area where you live, they are probably going to need some additional warmth in the winter months. These categories of dogs are particularly susceptible to cold:

  • Senior dogs

In their golden years, all pooches feel the effects of the cold much more than they did in their youth – especially if they have joint stiffness and arthritis. To make your elderly pet as comfortable as possible during the winter, you’ll have to get them a padded or lined winter coat that will offer the extra warmth they need. 

  • Short-haired breeds

If you have a dog with a short hair coat, you already know – as soon as the temperatures start dropping, they’ll start shivering. And it’s no wonder! The thin and short layer of hair they have provides no protection from the freezing temperatures, cold winds, or snow – it’s almost as walking around naked in the winter. Even if your pooch doesn’t show it, they will be better protected and more comfortable with a warm jacket on their back!

  • Slim dogs

This is not to say that you should let your pet be overweight – but that extra fluff sure is handy in the winter. Thin dogs are not as “padded” with fat and will feel the bite of cold much easier than a chubby pooch does. 

  • Small dogs

Toy breeds and small dogs are more sensitive and they’ll freeze much easier than a big dog would. Their petite bodies will be shivering in no time, regardless of their hair length, if they are not properly dressed. Luckily, there are tons of dog winter coats for small pooches, so you’ll have no problem dressing your tiny doggo for the part.

While you might be tempted to grab any pet coat that fits your budget and looks cute, there are different factors you should consider before making the decision. There are numerous dog winter coats out there and the design is tailored to the unique needs of all dogs, so what works for some dogs might not be a perfect choice for your four-legged friend and vice versa. To make sure that you are making the right choice, you’ll have to make sure that the coat you picked out is the right size and fit for your dog and appropriate for the winter temperatures in your area. Here are some of the main features to look for in dog winter coats:

  • Climate appropriate

Needless to say, winter temperatures can vary widely between areas. In some, the temperatures don’t drop below zero (or stick close under it), and in others, blizzards and extreme cold are to be expected every year. Choose your pet’s winter gear accordingly – in areas where colder months of the year are mild, a jacket without lining or a plush coat might be all your pet needs to stay snug. However, in areas where winters are more severe, quilted, padded, fleece-lined, and waterproof dog winter coats are a better choice- look for those with better insulation and better coverage for optimal coziness. 

  • Resistance to water

While not always necessary, waterproof or water-resistant fabric is a good choice. Dog winter coats that are made from such materials will prevent snow and rain from penetrating the outer layer of the jacket and make sure your doggo isn’t soaked even after a long walk when it’s snowing outside. Again, in some areas, this might not be such an issue- but for others, it will be an absolute must. It all depends on the type of winter weather that’s common for your area.

  • Ease of putting on

Regardless of whether your dog makes a fuss when you dress them or not, you want something that’s simple to put on. Even if your dog is well-behaved and doesn’t mind clothing, the last thing you want to is to waste time on hooks, clasps, fastenings and such if there is an easier way. Make sure that the jacket is easy to put on and take off in a hurry to make your life easier – opt for velcro over zippers, go for those that are adjustable, etc.

  • Easy to clean

Even if you take out mud and snow slush out of the equation (which you probably shouldn’t), your dog’s new coat is bound to get dirty after some wear and tear. At the very least, they’ll stink it up a bit after a few weeks of constant use! That’s why it’s important that the coat is machine washable- it will prolong its life and make sure your dog doesn’t go around in a grimy outfit just to keep warm.

  • Design

The design shouldn’t just be stylish but convenient as well – check for perks such as reflective stitching or piping for nighttime safety, leash hole, hoods, reversibility, etc. As long as the other features are ticked off of the list, you can go wild with the style itself. Patterned, faux fur, glitzy, minimalistic, sporty – you name it, you can find it.

  • Size and fit

Last but not the least, pay attention to the dimensions of the jacket and the way it will fit your pet’s body. I mean, even though they are both petite, it’s not like a Doxie and a Chihuahua have the same build – so thoroughly measure your pet and compare dimensions to ensure a proper match. 

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