Best LED Dog Harnesses

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

LED dog harnesses make a good design great: the lights will make sure your pet is always easy to spot, day or night. Take a look at some great choices for city pooches and country doggos alike.

When it comes to the safety of our pets on walks, nothing beats a sturdy dog harness. A much more efficient and advanced option for walking your dog than a collar, a harness can completely change the experience for the better. With a body harness, you have better control and coordination of your dog’s movements and keep things under control – you can never know what can happen! Dog harnesses are a great option for owners of pets that are rowdy or overly inquisitive, and often love to snoop around places that are off-limits. They are also an excellent choice for all big dog breeds! When you need that little bit of extra help to stay in command of your large and powerful pupper, a harness will be the right thing, as it shifts the focus on the chest rather than on the neck.

With that being said, a dog harness is also a much safer and more comfortable option for your pet. Standard leashes and collars will put a lot of unnecessary strain and pressure on your pet’s neck, and that is never a good thing, especially if your dog loves to pull. With a harness, this problem is removed, and all pressure is evenly distributed across the chest area so it doesn’t threaten any particular area. But is there a way to make such a harness even safer and more efficient? Yes, there is!

The improved design includes built-in LED lights for better visibility and unparalleled road safety. Never lose sight of your pet, and freely enjoy those long evening walks in the park, without fear of your pet getting lost. With an LED harness you can keep an eye out on your pet and pick them out from the crowd. Day or night, your pooch will always be easy to spot!

But finding the right harness for you and your pet can be a challenge. A lot of factors can make it or break it for you and we are here to help you make the right choice. We are bringing you our very own pick of the best LED dog harnesses on the market, and we will also help you learn about the special details that need to be checked before the purchase. Read on and learn the best way to ensure your pet’s safety when you’re out and about!

Top Paw® LED + Reflective Dog Harness

What better way to start off our list than with this great 2-in-1 harness that really packs all the needed features into one neat accessory. A high-quality, smart design that offers comfort and ample visibility in night conditions. This harness is a basic, two-strap, chest and collarbone design and it completely eliminates the pressure from the neck. It features extra added thick padding to avoid chafing and discomfort, and besides the LEDs, it has a lot of reflective strips that will ensure your pet’s visibility in all conditions. The LEDs are USB rechargeable and feature two modes of signaling. A quality choice with an affordable price tag–available in 3 sizes and 2 colors.

BSEEN LED Dog Harness

This extra-wide, extra comfy vest type harness skillfully combines comfort and efficiency. Made from highly durable and breathable mesh polyester fabric, it also features a soft padded interior. Another neat feature is the adjustability option that allows you to “finetune” the fit and find that perfect size for your pet. The LED system is fantastic, featuring three distinct modes of function and a nifty USB outlet for quick charging. Of course, the best aspect of this harness is its wide design that offers the best control and totally eliminates pressure on your pet. Choose from three colors–the size is suitable for medium breed dogs.

Blazin’ Safety LED Harness

The first thing to notice about this harness is the unique X shaped design, which incorporates four parallel LED strips for maximum visibility. This ensures a 360 degree light so your pup can be seen from all sides. The harness is made from durable, padded material, and also has a degree of adjustability. Their Blazin’ Bison design LEDs are USB rechargeable and waterproof, offer many colors, and individual LED bulbs for the highest visibility. While it might not be the best for large dogs, this harness is a great choice for all other sizes.

Nite Beams LED Rechargeable Dog Harness

Here is a simple design that has been executed in a high-quality way. Nite Beams offers the basic design elements but is highly durable and very efficient. It features a heavy-duty, padded nylon fabric with double adjustable buckle straps for maximum adjustability. The LEDs are USB rechargeable and can last up to 10 hours at a time. It comes in several different colors, and modes of operation, so you can really adapt to your needs. Overall, this harness boasts exceptional durability, which can be seen from a single glance. A great choice for small, medium, or large pooches- available in 5 vibrant colors.

Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated & Reflective Dog Harness

With this clever design, Noxgear combined lightness, exceptional durability, and fantastic visibility all into one product. And there is not much more that is needed from a solid LED harness! The X shaped straps offer 360-degree visibility for max protection. The harness itself is made from highly durable military-grade Cordura fabric which although lightweight, is extra tough. The LEDs are USB charged and will last up to 12 hours on a single charge. They also sport 14 different colors, so you can really stand out from the crowd and be seen. Four different sizes and a bit of adjustability will help you find the right fit for your pupper.

Ocean Place Ltd LED Flashing Dog Harness

One of the better designs out there, this Ocean Place LED harness is a balanced mix of comfort and strength. Made from durable nylon fabric, it features extra-wide, padded cushioning and breathable material, with double-stitched straps as well. The LED comes in two continuous strips and offers extra bright lights, and are waterproof and powered by a CR2302 cell – which provides unprecedented power, with up to 80 hours of a continuous lifetime. It also offers two modes of operation – flashing and constant light. Comfort will not be an issue with this harness, but neither will the visibility! An excellent choice for such a budget-friendly price.

Domi LED Dog Harness

Domi is a brand that offers a super comfortable LED harness with some truly quality design features. The first thing to notice is the “vest” design that covers a big part of your dog’s back and ensures suitable comfort in every circumstance. It is made from durable nylon material with the breathable mesh padding, and also features a lot of adjustability. The LED is fully waterproof and is also USB charged. Available in three sizes and four color options.

Pet Industries Reflective LED Dog Harness

This unique but efficient design follows the Y style harness shape and is made from durable nylon material with breathable padding. The LED is a high-quality ultra bright model and has three unique light settings. It is also USB rechargeable. A solid stainless steel D ring ensures a secure and durable connection with the leash. An affordable and efficient choice that comes in extra small, small, and medium size – and two colors.

Talis LED Light-Up Dog Harness

If you are looking for a basic design, this Tails LED Harness perfectly fits the description. One of the simpler designs, it features a basic, X styled harness layout that ensures functionality and comfort. Made from durable nylon material, this harness provides a great balance between durability and visibility. Its high quality LED strips will provide 360-degree visibility at all times, and the adjustable straps will allow for plenty of room for a perfect fit, accompanied by the quick release system. Pick between three colors and three sizes.

Clio Illuminated LED Rechargeable Dog Harness

Made from high quality, durable nylon material, this dog harness boasts longevity and great resistance to wear and tear. It also features USB charged LED strips that offer some of the best visibility out there. One of the best features of this Clio harness is the adjustability option – with two buckles you can really find the fit that is perfect for your pet! The sizes are small, medium, large and extra-large and there are 6 vivid colors you can pick from.

Benefits of LED dog harnesses

We all know that walks are an important part of your pet’s daily routine. Whether around the block, the park, or anywhere else, a nice and energized walk will benefit both you and your pet. Without enough exercise, your pet risks some really serious issues: obesity, lethargy, and arthritis. That is why you should never be stingy with walks if you can help it. Even for just a short while, that daily exercise will be a great benefit for your pet’s mental and physical health. But what happens if you can’t manage to take your pet out during the day? You’ve been away or at work, and so the evening remains as the only suitable time. Not to worry! You can still enjoy walks in the evening and safely stroll under the cover of darkness – with the help of an LED harness.

One of the bigger dangers of nighttime walks is the lack of visibility. If you’re walking by the side of the road or on the sidewalk, there is always the risk of not being seen by the passing drivers. An LED harness makes you and your pet clearly visible to all and safe from harm. Besides the visibility, there is another great benefit of dog harnesses in general. Compared to a regular leash and collar, the harness is much more efficient and eliminates the pressure on your pet’s neck and trachea. Some dogs are too energetic and have a tendency to pull on the leash with great force, essentially choking themselves and causing issues. With a harness, this is in the past! Safely strapped around the chest and torso, a harness is a much more relaxed way of walking your pet, and no pressure will be exerted on the body.

Important features to consider in LED dog harnesses

When choosing the right LED harness for your pet you will quickly realize that there are several important aspects that need to be taken into account in order to really get the most out of this nifty accessory. Even if going for the best option for our needs means that we need to splurge a bit, it will surely be a worthwhile investment – in many ways.

You also need to consider your pet’s walking habits and their needs – take into account their size, breed, and temperament. Larger, more powerful breeds will need an equally powerful harness – opt for durable materials and added reinforcements. The same goes for those particularly mischievous and energetic dogs who are avid pullers. On the other hand, if your pet is a senior or a small breed, or simply a peaceful and laid back pooch, you can opt for a standard design.

Adjustability is also great to include if you have a pup that is constantly growing – even a bit of adjustability will go a long way. You can also consider different LED options and colors, as to easier distinguish your pet and to make them truly stand out from the crowd! So here are our top features to consider in an LED dog harness:


As with most dog accessories, durability always takes the first place on the list of important features. And with an accessory that is important as this, strength plays the key role. When making your purchase you really want to focus on durable designs and materials that can withstand all that a dog can throw at them. This includes pulling, tensions, biting, and all sorts of pooch-induced abuse. Durable and safe nylon fabrics are often the best solution – this woven, tightly knit material will be virtually indestructible in most situations. Durability also reflects on the connections, clasps, and D rings. These must be stainless steel, especially if your dog is a puller!

LED features

Well, an LED harness wouldn’t really be good if its LED features weren’t on par. That is why it is essential to pay attention to the LED lights, their quality, colors, and amount. If you opt for a harness that is cheap and has low-quality LEDs that have bad light output, you will be defeating the purpose. You also want to get one that has an ample amount of lights throughout the harness – it is the most important aspect after all. Another good feature that is sometimes included in LED harness designs is added reflective strips. This is a unique material that is stitched onto the sides and adds a whole new layer of visibility at night time. Reflective strips are easily seen by drivers when light hits the material and reflects back. A great feature to have.


As we mentioned, adjustability can be very important when you make your choice. Especially if you have a puppy that is just about to reach its full size! In such cases, a little bit of extra room can come quite in handy. Most brands offer some manner of adjustability – look for straps that will allow you to tighten or loosen the harness. This can also be great for all large breeds which can be difficult to fit in a standard-sized harness, as well. In any case, though, being able to fine-tune the size of the harness even by a little goes a long way- because it will ensure a snug and tailored fit, no matter what your pet’s size and age are.

Material and comfort

When it comes to dog harnesses you want to completely avoid cheap and rough materials in order to prevent chafing. Tight fits and rough materials are the number one cause of nasty chafing and skin irritation. Always look for brands that offer some sort of padding at key contact points. Rough and untreated cheap nylon fabrics can be rough on the skin without additional protection, and especially when your pet is pulling on the leash. The same goes for durability, too- cheap and poor quality materials are prone to ripping and tearing, which is the last thing anyone wants to happen.


LED harnesses will require batteries to operate – in some way and form. Whether those are replaceable batteries that you have to buy every now and then, or if they are internal that can be charged via USB – the choice is yours. Opt for the one that is best for your own preferences and needs. And check for battery life! You wouldn’t want to get caught out in the dark without any lights, so be sure to see how much it takes for the lights to charge or keep a spare battery on you at all times.

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