New Pet Carrier Is Just For Corgis

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Around here, we absolutely love Corgis. That’s why we adore this awesome SturdiBag pet carrier that’s made with the Corgi in mind.

Most small dog owners bring their tiny little pooches everywhere they go. They’ll carry them in their hand when they go for a quick coffee run and travel with them them in a cute little bag when they head to the mall or to the airport. Basically, when it comes to moving around in cute little bags, larger dogs have got the short end of the stick.

That is, until SturdiBag released the XL carrier, a bag that’s been made to hold a royal favorite: we’re talking about Corgis, of course!

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The XL carrier can comfortably accommodate a Corgi’s stocky, short build for those times when walking on the ground is simply too common. It’s the ideal mode of transport when you’re taking your your furry child to the vet or traveling with him to the airport.

When it comes to design, we’re always impressed with the quality that SturdiBag delivers… and the XL didn’t disappoint in this department. The SturdiBag is made of durable 600 denier polyester and can hold up to 50 pounds (Corgi’s typically weigh about 25-27 pounds). It features an adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap, retractable privacy flap on all mesh windows (perfect for when the paparazzi and royal watchers decide to show up), seat belt safety straps as well as a rear storage pocket and top opening for easy access.

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Some carriers not only have annoying tendency to sag in the middle where your dog is laying down, but may also skimp out in the lining department. This means not only is your dog uncomfortable because they can’t lay down like they usually so, but they’re also trying look nonchalant while posing on the plastic lining. Thankfully, the SturdiBag fixes both of those problems by including a soft interior fleece pad that’s secured to the bag with velcro to keep Fido comfortable.

Although the dimensions for this SturdiBag exceed airline size requirements, Sturdi customers have reportedly been using this carrier for years for in-cabin airline travel (so take that, annoying people who keep using up the overhead compartments with their over-sized carry-ons!). Due to its innovative design and the care for pet comfortable, I might even grab one for my Chiweenie for our travels! Plus, if it can withstand my bird’s nasty biting habit, it may serve as a carrier for him as well – double whammy!

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Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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