Best Strollers for Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

There are many strollers for dogs on the market, made specifically to suit canine anatomy and needs – here are our top choices.

Strollers for dogs are not just a fad for crazy pet parents, as some might think when they see a pooch lounging in one. These convenient pet strollers improve quality of life for dogs with mobility issues, anxiety, injuries and many others who – quite literally – need a little push to experience the outdoors. Many dogs, either due to their age or health problems, can’t walk at all or without experiencing pain. Using a stroller to take your dog on walks give them the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and spend some quality time with their pawrent, all without you having to strain yourself carrying them. Sometimes, dogs rescued from inhumane conditions feel extreme anxiety when walking on a leash, so getting them used to walks in a dog stroller makes for a much easier transition.

Whatever the case may be with your precious pooch, choosing the right stroller for their unique needs will be essential. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just use your old baby stroller from the attic – they’re not safe for dogs to use. There are many strollers for dogs on the market made specifically to suit canine needs, and here are our top recommendations.

1. Editor’s Choice: Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller

Wheel your pooch in style with this comfortable and posh dog stroller. The modern design and red and purple color options make the 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller easy on the eyes, but it’s not just the looks that got it on our list. The sturdy stroller features mesh windows for breathability and easy entry, and you can also pull back the canopy completely for a convertible-like ride. Your four-legged friend will be safely tucked in as the stroller also has a leash clip to prevent your pooch from trying to jump out. When it comes to features you’ll love, the ease of storage and use have to be the top two. The front wheels rotate at 360 degrees to ensure effortless maneuverability on all types of terrains.

2. Runner Up: Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

Available in the pictured sapphire, emerald and pink colors, this stroller for dogs is truly a gem. The panoramic view window with mesh panels gives your pampered pooch the ability to look around and enjoy the scenery, as well as make the inside of the stroller nicely ventilated. The three position canopy can pull back completely for a top-free ride, and the interior tether ensures safety. This dog stroller is ideal if you find zippered doors too fiddly to maneuver when getting your pet in and out of the stroller, as it boasts a no-zip entry that locks in place within seconds. It’s suitable for pets for up to 30 pounds, but it also offers a lot of space for the pawrent’s stuff – with a cup holder and storage basket underneath.

3. Customer’s Choice: Paws & Pals Jogger Folding Dog Stroller

Sun or rain, this gorgeous folding stroller for dogs will make sure your canine companion travels in comfort and style. The tri-wheel design makes the stroller easy to maneuver around the city, and the rear security brakes and seat belt make sure that the gliding ride is also a safe one. The waterproof canopy will keep harsh sun and rain away from your pet, and they’ll get to soak in the view through a mesh window. Underneath the spacious carriage, where your pet will happily lounge while you lug them around, there’s a generously-sized basket for any necessities you might need with you on the go. To boot, the stroller also has a ‘pawrent tray’ with a cup holder. Nifty! While spacious, the stroller itself is quite lightweight and hand-foldable, so it’s easy to put away when you don’t need it.

4. Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I Large Dog Stroller

The amazing design isn’t the only thing that Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I has going for it. Available in apple green, blue and a more subtle brown, this retro-looking stroller for dogs has state-of-the-art aluminum oval tubing construction. Not only does this ensure that the stroller is sturdy enough to hold pets up to 77 pounds, but it also makes Ibiyaya one of the lightest strollers on the market. The canopy is not only convertible, but fully collapsible as well, so the entry can be both from the front and the back. Additionally, you can wheel around your pupper in a trendy “basket” when the weather allows for a breezy stroll in nature. You can also use this for two smaller pups instead of one large breed dog, as it has two built-in safety leashes.

5. Gen7 Regal Plus Dog Stroller

This all-terrain stroller for dogs will glide with ease in the urban jungle and in the rugged outdoors. The shock system provides a comfortable and smooth ride, while the front wheel provides a 360 degree turn making it easy to maneuver even the busiest of areas. There are several components that make it easy and comfortable for your pet and for you. The Smart-Canopy folds into itself so that when it’s pulled back it doesn’t block your pup’s view. The Smart-Basket below the stroller provides plenty of space for you to store your own belongings or anything your pet might need.

Pets up to 25 lbs can ride in this stroller. The Gen7 Regal Plus is also lightweight – weighing in at only 11.7 lbs – so it’s light enough for you to take just about anywhere. It folds up compactly, making it easy to store away when not in use. It’s the perfect pet stroller for daily use and/or travel!

6. Paws & Pals Twin 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Congrats – you’re a twin dog mom! We all know that sibling rivalry is a real thing, and it’s the same for four-legged brothers and sisters. They might not be from the same litter, but they’ll want the same treatment! That’s where this double dog stroller comes in handy. If your dogs are a bit too big to cozy up together in one large stroller, or simply want to have their own space on walks, this is the perfect option. The Twin 4-Wheel Stroller holds dogs that weigh up to 33 pounds per basket, and the ingenious design ensures it’s not difficult for you to be the one pushing the whole thing. It’s lightweight, and 360-degree front wheel rotation helps with maneuvering. To boot, it all folds up flat for easy storage – even with the twin carriages!

7. Pet Gear Excursion No-Zip Dog Stroller

If you don’t find the classic stroller design too appealing, e.g. you don’t want passersby to confuse your furry child for a human baby, this dog stroller will be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you want to avoid lifting your dog to seat them in the typically high stroller, you’ll love the Excursion. It allows your dog to simply hop in on his own, even if they have mobility issues. There are two points of entry – front and back – which are easy to access at any time because there are no zippers, which many may find fiddly. Instead, this pet stroller relies on a convenient buckle closure system to keep your pupper safely locked in his comfy and spacious carrier. This stroller is ideal for small breeds.

8. BestPet New Pet Stroller

Durable, lightweight, and budget-friendly, this collapsible stroller for small dogs is an all-around great choice. Unless you have special requirements or want a high-end product, you’ll be impressed with the quality and performance of the BestPet stroller. The weight limit of this pet stroller is 30 pounds, though, so it’s only suitable for puppies or small and toy dog breeds. The waterproof Oxford cloth material is tough and will protect your dog from the elements, and the small mesh window in the front will provide ventilation and give your pooch a place to peek from.

9. Pet Gear NV No-Zip Dog Stroller, Dalmatian

One thing’s for sure: Cruella de Vil would go bananas for this stroller. The plush black and white spotted interior lining and comfy bolster pad pay homage to the lovely Dalmatians, and will definitely turn heads in the dog park. The modern design of the NV stroller features Pet Gear’s no-zip technology which removes zippers from the equation. Instead, the company uses a convenient buckle system that locks the basket in just a few seconds, without hassle. Unlike most strollers for dogs, which have plastic tires, this particular model boasts 12-inch inflatable tires for a safe and smooth ride. The Pet Gear NV No-Zip Dog Stroller is suitable for dogs that weigh up to 70 pounds.

10. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

If you’re both a passionate cyclist and a pet parent, this 2-in-1 pet stroller and carrier will be right up your alley. The ingenious design enables the versatility of this carrier, as it can easily transform from a regular stroller to one that can be attached to the back of a bicycle. The switch is easy, as it only requires you to unhook the hitch, securely hidden underneath the stroller. The Best Choice trailer stroller features visibility flag, reflectors, and a hand-brake for added safety measures. The lightweight yet sturdy steel frame makes the stroller easy to push and pull on a bike, and the waterproof basket material with mesh windows will keep your pet cozy and safe inside. The weight capacity is 66 pounds, and there’s enough room in it for most pooches of medium size.

Which Dogs Need Strollers?

Let’s face it – you don’t need a reason if you want to wheel your pooch around in a stroller. Of course, the cuteness or fun of it are not the main reasons why dog owners use strollers to transport their pets. A stroller helps you carry your pooch without feeling the strain, and allows your elderly or injured pet to still go on walks with you even when he’s not as mobile as he once was. Fresh air and good company – what more could a pooch want!

Seniors who are affected by arthritis or have severe joint pain might not be able to keep up with regular walks, even if these were once the highlight of their day. In fact, some elderly dogs might find walks impossible, and mobility aids are a must for them to get around with some ease. In any of these cases, a dog stroller could be just what they need to have the same experiences in their golden years. Not only does a stroller give your pet the comfort while he gets to enjoy the view and their well-known routine (or an adventure!), you won’t have to strain yourself in order to provide him the experience. In these cases, especially when the dog is larger, a pet carrier simply doesn’t work.

When your pet is injured or recovering from a procedure and doesn’t feel stable on all four legs, a stroller could be a great accessory to help him get through it without missing his walks. Of course, there’s the fact your pooch will get to enjoy being wheeled around like royalty!

While injury or mobility issues of any kind are the most common reason why pet parents opt to get a dog stroller, sometimes it’s just a matter of convenience. A small breed dog that’s anxious around other dogs and needs time to adjust to the dog park, or a pooch that doesn’t share your enthusiasm for long hikes could also benefit from occasional stroller rides. To sum it up, there’s no reason why a dog stroller wouldn’t be a useful transportation aid in most dog owner’s arsenals, but they’re especially useful for dogs that need help moving around.

What to Look for in Dog Strollers

You might be tempted to get your kid’s old stroller from the attic to wheel your pooch around – but while it might seem like a good idea, it definitely isn’t. Dog strollers have to be designed especially for canine use, to ensure the safety and comfort your pet needs. The similarities between baby strollers and dog strollers are only basic and superficial, and the best dog strollers have features that are particularly useful to pet owners, as well as qualities that make them ideal for transporting fur babies. Here’s what to look for when buying a dog stroller for your pampered pooch.


Pooches come in all shapes and sizes, and not every dog stroller is designed to accommodate these differences. In general, most dog strollers are meant to hold small to medium-sized dogs, but even within those two size categories, there are differences in shape that need to be accounted for. One of the first factors to consider is the size of the seat part of the stroller. The height should be a match for your pet when he’s sitting, so you can be sure they can fit inside even when the cover is down and they’re not lying down. Similarly, the width of the seat should also be considered as some pooches need that extra room to be comfortable. If you want to use a stroller for two or more of your fur children, combine their measurements and add a bit of wiggle room to spare, and you’ll have the perfect size stroller.

Weight capacity

Your chunky pooch needs a carrier that will be able to withstand his weight and give him the proper support – and it’s the same for dog strollers. A pet’s weight is one of the most important factors as it ensures there won’t be any rips or mishaps during the walks. In general, most dog strollers have a weight limit between 30 and 50 pounds, so if you have a large and heavy dog, you might not be able to find the right match. Either way, you shouldn’t even start looking into dog strollers before your pet steps on the scales – their weight will be your guide when choosing a stroller.

Type of tires

Not just any set of wheels will do the job for your pampered pooch. Depending on the terrain you’ll be wheeling your pooch on, their weight and your budget, you’ll have to put some thought into your decision before settling on the type of tires that will be best for your pet. Despite what you might think, tires on dog strollers are not all made alike.

The most common type is plastic tires, which are the cheapest option, but they can be lacking in some aspects. The plastic can make for a very bumpy ride, and it’s usually best to avoid it unless you’ll only be wheeling your pooch on smooth sidewalks, or if you’re on a very tight budget.

Next, you have strollers with tires like those on cars or bicycles – air-filled. They’re designed to provide a smooth ride and adapt to various terrains with ease. For obvious reasons, though, there can be some downsides to this type of tires, especially in terms of maintenance.

The last type of tires you’ll often find on dog strollers are EVA foam tires. Lightweight and low-maintenance, these tires hit the goldilocks zone of stroller tires. They’re not as expensive as air-filled tires, but not as stiff as plastic. These are very durable and can be used on sidewalks and grass with ease. They might not the smartest choices if you need a stroller for hikes in rough terrains, in which case only air-filled tires will give you the stability and smoothness you need.

Weather and terrain compatibility

Before you order a dog stroller, you need to think about how it will fit into your lifestyle and your dog’s routine. Some dog strollers might look fantastic and tick all the right boxes, but it’s all for naught if they’re not designed to be compatible with your usual walk route. The type of terrain you expect to conquer is a major factor. After all, it’s not the same if you live in a busy city neighborhood or have daily access to woods. Choose the right set of tires to make sure the stroller is compatible with the terrain it’ll be most frequently used on.

As for weather compatibility, this means making sure you can use the stroller throughout all seasons if need be. In the summer, the hood will make shade for your pet, and make walks in unbearable heat lovely. No hot asphalt under the paws, a cooling breeze and the hooded top shields them from the scorching sun. For the winter season, look for things such as waterproof or water-resistant covers that will allow you to walk your pooch in the rain and snow. The hood can be partially up when the weather is warm to let the air circulate, but it’s the chillier months of the year you’ll have to prepare for.

Benefits of Dog Strollers

A dog stroller might not seem like the next must-have thing on your shopping list, and you might not even consider it. But your pupper might be in need of one without you even realizing it. The truth is, there are a ton of benefits to dog strollers that are often overlooked by owners. Some owners might consider it as “spoiling” to drive their pet around in one of these, but the unique stroller features can really improve the quality of your pooch’s life.

We all know that a spoiled pupper can be quite a strong willed pet – especially if they’re small. Either way, if you have a spoiled and inquisitive doggy on your hands, a stroller can become a major helping hand. With one of these nifty accessories, you can enjoy shopping and strolling in peace – and your dog might get a different view of the surroundings. Also, some owners experience major trouble when traveling to the vet. A feisty doggo can tug on the leash once they realize where you’re going, making things difficult and challenging. With a great dog stroller this can be avoided, and you can stroll into the vet’s office peacefully and in control.

Besides shopping and vet visits, there’s another major benefit of a dog stroller – one that can bring an important lifestyle change for your pet. That benefit is a new chance for elderly dogs to be active. If you’re a proud owner of a senior pooch, you might be facing that hard realization that moving around is no longer a viable option for your beloved pet. Senior dogs often suffer from arthritis and all kinds of chronic aches, and movement can become a big challenge. In order to avoid your pet developing lethargy and illness from lack of activity, you can rely on a dog stroller to give them a new chance at experiencing the outdoors. A dog stroller is an ideal way to let your old pooch experience the sunny weather, fresh air, to explore and enjoy everything that the outside world has to offer – without having to rely on their legs. It’s the best way to make them feel young again and to bring a fresh dose of hope and joy into their life.

Either way, there’s no doubt that a dog stroller is a very important purchase for many dog owners. It can give your pet a better quality of life and make matters much easier and convenient for you. With a trusty dog stroller, you can bring along your pet wherever you go – whether it’s shopping or a stroll through the park.

Are dog strollers safe? How do you keep a dog in a stroller?

One of the most common concerns is that a pet, even when having mobility issues, will try to wiggle his way out of the stroller, jump out, or fall out during the walks. These are justified concerns, because if the stroller doesn’t have proper safety features, it can be easy for a pooch to have an accident. Different dogs will require different safety measures, but the universal requirement is that a stroller keeps your pooch tethered. Some strollers offer leash snaps where you can attach your own, others have built-in leashes, so it’s up to you to pick what works best for your needs. And, if you need another layer of security for your mischievous pooch, consider dog strollers with sealed enclosures that either zip up or snap on. An enclosed dog stroller will keep your pooch comfy and happy but safely confined to his seat at all times – with no way to Houdini his way out.

Are dog strollers allowed in stores?

Requirements will vary from store to store, as some will only allow service dogs in stores, while others permit dogs of all sizes to shop around with you. It’s best to call ahead or check online before your shopping trip to confirm whether your fur baby in his stroller will be granted entry with you.

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