Best Catnip Toys

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A lot of cats get excited when they smell catnip, and if your kitty is one of them, there are a lot of toys that you can purchase to provide variety and let your pet have loads of fun every day.

From catnip toys that are refillable so they last a long time, to those that allow your feline friend to pounce and kick to let out his inner hunter, there are so many different ways to keep your cat interested, to encourage him to exercise through play, and to make him feel happy.

We’ve compiled a helpful list of some of the best catnip toys that we could find. The products are listed below, in no particular order, to give you an idea of the range of toys out there that are designed especially for cats

Petlinks Parrot Tweet Touch-Activated Refillable Catnip Cat Toy

The Petlinks Parrot Tweet Touch-Activated Refillable Catnip Cat Toy is a soft toy that features feathers that are sure to get your pet’s attention. In addition to that, it will make a sound every time your pet touches it, so it mimics what it’s like to hunt down prey.

This toy is filled with catnip that is free of pesticides, which is always a plus, and the natural oils in the catnip will entice your cat to play and get some exercise. Also, if the catnip ends up losing its potency over time, you can simply refill this toy with fresh catnip to keep the fun going, rather than needing to purchase a brand new toy. And, when you need to clean it, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

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OurPets Catnip 24 Karat Cat Toy

The OurPets Catnip 24 Karat Cat Toy is filled with 100% natural catnip that is grown in North America, it has a strong aroma that is sure to get your kitty interested, and it also features feathers, which felines love to play with. A great toy when you want to energize your cat and keep him entertained, it also boasts a fun shape that is ideal for pouncing, swatting, grabbing, kicking, and chewing. And, as your pet plays with it, more of the catnip aroma will be released to keep him coming back for more.

Consider using this toy to encourage your cat to exercise, and to mentally stimulate him to avoid boredom and the negative behaviors that might arise from it. You might even find that this product helps your kitty feel less stressed and anxious because of the catnip, and because it’s just so much fun to play with.

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Fat Cat Eeeks! Catnip Toy

The Fat Cat Eeeks! Catnip Toy is a funny looking little toy for felines that can encourage your pet to play. It contains potent, organic catnip that’s grown in North America, along with a rattle, so it will stimulate your cat’s senses in multiple ways and keep him excited.

The shape of this product and its long “tail” make it a good choice when you want a toy that you’ll be able to dangle and toss around so your kitty can run after it and hunt it down during play sessions together. Overall, your feline friend is sure to love swatting at it and carrying it around the house.

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KONG Refillable Beaver Catnip Cat Toy

KONG makes several different refillable catnip toys, and we’re featuring a couple of them on this list. When you search for these products, you’ll quickly realize that there are a lot of different shapes to choose from. This one is the Beaver Catnip Cat Toy, and it comes with a tube filled with natural North American catnip, so you can get it all set up to grab your cat’s attention right away, without having to worry about buying catnip separately.

Soft and snuggly, this is a fun toy that can be tossed around and pounced on. It has a little compartment that you can open and close easily to add fresh catnip, as needed. Doing so will keep the scent nice and potent, so it can be a long-lasting toy. Plus, you can even gently twist the toy to help release more of the catnip’s natural oils to keep your cat interested in it. And, when you need to clean the toy, just remove the catnip before tossing it into your washing machine.

Note: When you run out of the catnip that comes with this toy and you need to buy more, check out the KONG Naturals Premium Catnip tin, available in 1-ounce and 2-ounce sizes.

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Petlinks Catnip Caterpillars Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys

The Petlinks Caterpillars Crinkle and Catnip Cat Toys are another option when it comes to keeping your kitty active and excited to play. These toys are designed to activate a feline’s hunting instinct. And because they are soft, plush, and lightweight, they’re easy to carry and bat around. During play sessions, you can toss the toy to get your kitty to run after it and pounce on it. The crinkly material that’s inside of the toy is sure to pique your pet’s curiosity, while the 100% pure catnip will help stimulate his senses.

What’s also nice about this product is that it comes in a set of three toys, which can be really convenient if you have more than one cat, and it also allows you to keep things interesting by switching between the toys. When you need to clean them, just wipe them with a damp cloth.

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Yeowww! Catnip Cigar Cat Toy

The Yeowww! Catnip Cigar Cat Toy has a lot of features that are sure to attract your cat. First of all, it is stuffed with high-quality, organic catnip flower tops and leaves to ensure the toy will have a long-lasting and potent scent. It’s also 7” long, so it’s a great shape for grabbing and kicking it.

This product is sewn by hand, and the fabric used is durable cotton twill that can hold up to your cat’s aggressive play when he’s biting, kicking, and holding this toy with his claws. You won’t find any plastic pieces or fillers in this toy, which is made in the USA, and it is colored using soy based or vegetable dyes.

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Meowijuana Refillable Get Buzzed Catnip Bee Cat Toy

If your kitty loves playing with toys that are on the end of strings, which are ideal for interactive play sessions with your pet, check out the Meowijuana Refillable Get Buzzed Catnip Bee Cat Toy. Use it to encourage your pet to stay active, to relieve boredom and reduce anxiety, and to help your cat have loads of fun.

Designed to be durable and plush, and to encourage your pet to jump, swat, and run, this toy contains organic catnip. And you can refill it whenever necessary, too (the product comes with a tube full of catnip that you can use). Plus, this toy is made in the USA, and it contains catnip that’s free of rough pieces and stems.

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KONG Rat Catnip Cat Toy

Another refillable product from KONG is this Rat Catnip Cat Toy. It has a compartment that you can easily open and close when you need to fill it up with fresh, potent catnip that will get your kitty excited and ready to play. It’s the perfect size and shape for tossing it, kicking it, and carrying it around.

This soft and plush toy comes with a tube of high-quality, natural catnip from North America. If you notice that your cat isn’t as interested in it as he used to be, remove the old catnip and replace it with fresh catnip to reignite his curiosity. And, as with other KONG refillable catnip toys, you can also gently twist the toy once it’s filled so you can release the oils and help boost the scent for your cat. Then, if you ever need to clean the toy, you can just remove the catnip and put it in your washing machine.

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Frisco Plush Kicker Cat Toy

The Frisco Plush Kicker Cat Toy has the right texture and shape for kitties that enjoy wrestling with their toys. Your cat can grab it with his front claws, kick it with his back feet, and chew on it, just like he would when taking down prey. And you can also interact with your pet by tossing it around so your kitty can chase after it. It features a furry tail to make it easy to grab it and get your feline friend’s attention. Then, when playtime is over, your pet can use this plush and soft toy to snuggle up for a nap.

In addition to all of those great features, this toy is also infused with Canadian catnip to stimulate your pet’s mind and entice him to get active (this is not a refilled toy, though). Measuring 9” x 3” x 1.5”, this kicker toy is available in multiple color options, which include orange fox, purple raccoon, and blue raccoon.

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Fuzzy Friends Plush Ball Cat Toys

If your cat likes playing with balls, check out the super cute SmartyKat Fuzzy Friends Plush Ball Cat Toys. These come in a set of two, so they’re a great choice when you want to give your kitty more variety or when you have a multi-cat household and you want to give each pet their own ball to play with.

Featuring fuzzy fabric and two big eyes, these toys are plush, they contain potent and pure catnip without any pesticides or chemicals, and they can entice your kitty to unleash his inner hunter by swatting, batting, and stalking. Whether you let your cat play on his own with these balls or you join in on the fun, they’re sure to be a hit. They measure 2.3”, so they’re a great size for cats of all ages. And if you ever need to clean them, you can just wipe them with a damp cloth.

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Petstages Dental Shrimpies Catnip Cat Toy

Searching for a catnip toy that will double as a teeth cleaning toy? Then check out the Petstages Dental Shrimpies Catnip Cat Toy. It comes in a pack of two to keep the fun going, and it’s perfect for batting, swatting, and pouncing. Filled with catnip, this is a lightweight toy that makes a crinkly sound when it’s squeezed, and it also has a feather tail. All of these features help make it irresistible to cats of all ages.

What makes this toy good for your kitty’s teeth? Well, it features a mesh material that can work somewhat like floss to clean the teeth and gums whenever your pet chews on it during playtime. Plus, because the toy contains catnip, it’s more likely that your feline friend will want to chew on it, so you can take a small step towards helping to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

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Petlinks HappyNip Loopy Llama Plush Catnip Cat Toy

Another cute toy is the Petlinks HappyNip Loopy Llama Plush Catnip Cat Toy. It features soft faux fur and long legs that dangle to grab your cat’s attention. But, to keep your cat interested, it is filled with a combination of catnip and silver vine, which is an herb that is similar to catnip and can affect kitties that normally don’t respond to catnip. So, if your cat typically doesn’t get excited by catnip, this toy might do the trick.

What’s also nice about this product is that it is made using materials that are sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly. It’s even designed to child safety standards, it’s easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and it’s a great size for pouncing on it, batting it around, and carrying it.

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Frisco What a Hoot Cat Toy with Silvervine & Catnip

The adorable Frisco What a Hoot Cat Toy with Silvervine & Catnip is another option for kitties that might not feel anything when they’re exposed to catnip. This fun toy features attention-grabbing feathers, interesting textures, and a combination of catnip and silver vine to get your kitty excited to play.

Your kitty is sure to love batting this toy around and pouncing on it, and you can toss it so your cat can chase it down when you’re playing together. It measures 8.25” x 3”, so it’s a good size for cats of all ages. And, as is the case with all toys, it’s best to supervise your pet while he plays with it to ensure he stays safe.

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KONG Cat Soxx Cat Toy

KONG has a lot of great offerings when it comes to cat toys, especially when it comes to those that are infused with catnip, and the Cat Soxx Cat Toy is just another example. It measures 5.5” x 2” x 1”, it is overstuffed so it’s cuddly, and it has a sock-like texture that your kitty can use to grab the toy easily and toss it around or kick at it.

This toy features premium catnip from North America, and it also stimulates your cat’s senses because it has a rattle that makes noise when the toy is moved around. And it comes in various shapes and colors, all of which are silly and fun.

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OurPets Prickles Cactus Catnip Cat Toy

Finally, there is the OurPets Prickles Cactus Catnip Cat Toy, which is filled with non-toxic catnip that is grown in North America, is 100% natural, and is strong and aromatic to grab your cat’s attention and get him ready to play immediately. This is a great toy for keeping your kitty occupied and entertained, as it boasts a fun shape that cats can pounce on, grab, and kick.

As your feline friend interacts with this toy, more of the catnip fragrance will be released, further encouraging him to continue playing and exercising. And when you want to add to your pet’s collection and give him different shapes to play with, there are several other OurPets catnip toys to choose from, such as the carrot (which we discussed above), a chili pepper, a fish, a snake, and a banana.

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Sticking with higher quality catnip toys is the way to go if you want to keep your pet happy, and if you want to avoid having catnip spilled all over your floor because of cheap materials that don’t stand up to your kitty’s teeth and claws. Hopefully, the list above has given you a better idea of the many different types of catnip-infused toys that are available, the various shapes and sizes that they come in, and the many other features, from feathers to crinkle sounds, that can make a toy irresistible.