Study: Dog Parents Would Overwhelmingly Choose Their Pups Over Partner

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
It’s been said, “Love me, love my dog.” Now a new study shows that to be really true, as 86% of dog owners said they’d break up with their partners if it came to them or their dog.

Seems like common sense–if you are looking to bring a new person in your life, you’d make sure that those already in your life were cool with it, right?

That’s what a new study recently found, showing that nearly 90% of dog owners would ditch their significant others if push came to pup.

The study used a poll and asked 3,500 dog owners how they felt about their dog’s reaction to potential new loves, and found that four out of five said their dog’s reaction was definitely important.

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Dog-walking service Wag! commissioned the study and OnePoll found that most dog owners were turned off by people who didn’t like dogs, or their dogs in particular. When questioned, this dislike was even more of a turnoff than people who didn’t want (human) children, were bad tippers or had no sense of style.

Hilary Schneider is the CEO of Wag! and said that the news isn’t surprising, as dog parents love their pets and if people want to be part of their lives, they need to love them too. Schneider says that they work hard to ensure the happiness of pet families and they love that people are looking for those who love their furbabies too.

The study also found that dogs tend to be a hook when it comes to looking for a new mate, as more than 60% of dog owners said they flirt while walking their dogs, and a third of dog parents said they purposely used their dogs to attract a possible mate. Pretty smart, if you figure that according to the responses, 84% of those polled said that their dog scored them a successful possible love.

There’s news for those who like posting pics of their pups on profiles, too, as nearly three-quarters of those polled said that when a person’s profile had a dog picture, they were more likely to ‘swipe right’ on apps that give more info about the person. And dog people tend to stick together, with 78% of dog parents saying they’re more likely to date another dog parent than a non-dog parent.

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When it came to those who have mates and dogs, almost 20% said that their pup’s birthday was a big day to celebrate, even more so than they would their spouse! And the party people are apparently up in the Northeast part of the country as over 25% of dog parents in those states say the love bug hit them while they were at a dog’s party.

Not surprisingly, based on those results, people claimed they even stayed in relationships simply because they loved their partner’s dog so much. The old adage, “It’s not you, it’s me,” now apparently may also mean, “It’s not you I love; it’s your dog!”

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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