The Dog Wedding Movie Contest Will Have Pet Parents Saying “I Do!”

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Dog weddings have never been hotter. If you’ve got a picture of your pooch dressed for a walk down the aisle, “The Dog Wedding” invites you to enter for a chance to win awesome prizes!

The bride is blushing, champagne corks are popping, and the bouquet has been tossed. But in place of the usual clamor of eager, taffeta-clad bridesmaids diving onto the cluster of posies, a lone wolf dives from out of nowhere, catches the bouquet mid-air and returns it to the bride, tailing a-wagging. Yes, when Rover is part of the wedding, the term love, honor and obey go out the window and “party animal” takes on a decidedly new meaning.

Enter “The Dog Wedding”, a cute little rom-com that blossoms in a dog park, culminates at a doggy wedding, and is coming to theaters in Fall 2015.The story involves a German businesswoman (Rosalie Thomass), an American wrestler (WWE Raw’s Matthew Bloom) and best of all, two English bulldogs named Prince and Queenie who, as bullies are known to do, steal the show.

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And your pooch is invited to take part in the movie. The producers of the movie want to see you dog donning his/her fanciest wedding attire. You’re invited to submit a picture of your dog looking dapper as a ring bearer, best man, bridesmaid, bride, groom or party guest.

It’s time to share those treasured memories (meaning pictures), win some great loot in the process, and earn your little guy or girl a share of his 15 minutes of fame. Hey, Warhol never said it was only humans who were entitled to enjoy the limelight! Visit for details on The Dog Wedding Photo contest and learn how your sweet fur-child’s special pictorial moment can be one of the 50 wedding photos chosen to appear in the film’s opening credits!

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Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? It’s not too late for you… to enter! The summer is still young and the deadline for submissions isn’t till July 31, 2015 so get your little guy fitted for his tux /her gown and RSVP “plus one” on the invite. Or if your pooch prefers to remain single, feel free to visit the website and vote for your fave bride, groom or guest!

And there’s more. There are also 150 prizes to be won from partners including Stella & Chewy’s, BarkBox, and DogTV. Fantastic doggie care, toy and vacation prizes will be awarded by Petcube, Sniffany & Co. by Dog Diggin Designs, The Saguaro Scottsdale, Dog Is Good, Muttropolis, Grounds & Hounds, The Loving Bowl, Hot Dogs All Dressed, Puppy Kisses online boutique, Bling Bone and The Pet Boutique.

Best of all, great charities benefit from your photo. For each submitted entry, a donation will be made to Canine Companions for Independence and Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Inc. A minimum of $1,000 will be donated to each of these charities.

Sniff! We love weddings and happy endings!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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