Are Human Pups Just Dog Lovers Gone Wild? [Video]

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Puppies and dogs need to fit into your lifestyle, but what about a lifestyle that revolves around dressing up as a dog?

Welcome to the world of “human pups.” These are grown men who enjoy dressing up as dogs, and the movement in the UK is 10,000 strong. Men dress up in full doggy regalia and are walked around – in public – by their ‘handlers.’

There’s even a competition, and Tom – the Dalmatian puppy shown above – scampered away with Mr Puppy UK.

Costumes range in the thousands of dollars, and human pups sleep in a crate, eat food from a bowl and demand belly rubs. Participants say it’s not sexual, but rather an escape from the stresses of the busy human world.

There are no words… so watch the trailer of UK Channel 4’s latest documentary Secret Life of Human Pups.

[Source: The Mirror]