BounceBack Botanicals: Our “Best In Show” From Global Pet Expo 201

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Global Pet Expo 2017 was full of amazing natural and holistic products. It was hard to choose just one, but BounceBack Botanicals from Pawflex was a standout for a variety of reasons.

I admit it… I was overwhelmed at Global Pet Expo. There were so many pet products in one place. To be able to talk to them about their passion for pets and their people was just amazing. I learned so much about the people behind the products; people like me who love pets and want their lives to be the best they can be. I was humbled and grateful that so many like-minded people came together for our furriest friends.

And that’s why Pawflex CEO Jennifer DiGrazia stood out to me. Pawflex debuted their new BounceBack Botanical Line, an alternative supplemental care for pets. I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer at length about her new line and her passion. Jennifer has 10 dogs of her own–she’s in it because she loves all pets, that truth is written all over her face.

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There are many new CBD (Cannabidiol) products on the market, but they are not all created equally. Quality and extraction methods make a difference in the efficacy and safety of CBD products. The Bounceback Botanical Cannaboost Line guarantees all ingredients are non-GMO, have no pesticides or herbicides, are grown in the United States, CO2 extracted, and independently triple tested. The Bounceback line falls into three main categories: Jumpstart, Power Up and Turbo Tropical. Each of these products contain different ingredients to be issue specific as well.

Jennifer told me about her 16-year-old, 100 pound pup, Austin; the Cannaboost line was created to help him be his best. We laughed as she told me that Austin literally sucks the dropper clean because he knows how much the product helps his arthritis and old-dog pain. And she counseled me on things I could do for my own 11-year-old Dixie to help relieve some pain she is in.

What most impressed me about Jennifer was her passion. It’s clear that she believes that pets are our family members, and deserve the same treatments. That’s why all products are FDA approved human grade, for human use.

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While it’s true I am a sappy person, I couldn’t help but tear up when Jennifer shared her philanthropy with her Pawflex non-adhesive bandages. She knows that chemo and radiation can wreak havoc on a pet, particularly their skin. In fact, she’s so passionate about how her products can better a pet’s life, she offers ANYONE who has a pet with chemo or radiation sores FREE Pawflex bandages (you just need to pay shipping).

She knows her bandages will make a difference, so she’s willing to give you as many bandages as you need for treatments and sores. Jennifer told me specifically–contact her so your pet doesn’t have to suffer from those painful treatment effects.

Over the next six months, Jennifer will also be bringing on these holistic and natural products to PawFlex’s new sister company, sweetly named FurChild. It guarantees to be a go-to for your Furbabies!

Commitment to pets and their families–even at her OWN expense. That, as well as her amazing product line, is what made the Cannaboost Line, and Pawflex in general, my Best In Show!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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