Breeder Connect: The Ethical Way To Connect And Find Your Perfect Bree

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

In this day and age, life seems to be all about the app. There’s an app for just about everything, and let’s be honest–they do make things easier! That was the concept for two pet lovers who were looking for the perfect cats for them and weren’t really having much luck through traditional social media. Breeder Connect was born, and now it’s easier (and more ethical) than ever for breeders and their potential pet parents to gather and make the perfect connection.

With good reason, vetting ethically treated and raised animals through traditional social media platforms is more and more difficult. Most animal ‘sales’, even if through reputable breeders and with the best of intentions, are prohibited from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is because there are (sadly) too many situations in which animals are used as parts of scams or other nefarious circumstances.

And so, finding that perfect breeder in your area can be hard. While we’re typically quick to crowdsource on social platforms for everything from the best vet to the best groomer to the best dog food, finding the best breeds or pets is not as easy.

And that’s what the basis of the Breeder Connect app was! It was first conceived in 2020 when Dr. Marco Bregliano and Chris Bullivant were looking for a couple of cats, but having very little luck locally and through traditional social platforms.

Dr. Bregliano is a Theriogenologist. That means he’s a veterinary reproductive specialist with a focus in dogs and cats. In looking, they knew that the type of cats they wanted was out there; they just were having a hard time connecting with the breeders who could help them.

Knowing that our world is pretty web-based, and realizing that there really was no place for breeders and customers to safely gather and discuss available breeds as well as breeds wanted, they decided to create Breeder Connect as the solution.

Ethical Searches And Services You Can Feel Good About

The sad truth that often goes into finding the perfect pet is that not every breeder is created equally. Too often, honesty and integrity in breeding is mixed with those who’d behave unethically and in a way that was profit-driven and not in the best interest of pets. Breeder Connect’s goal is to not only create a community where animal lovers can come together and relate as a community, but to be a place where you know the breeder you’re connecting with is one you can trust. Dr. Bregliano’s years of experience helps seal that deal of trust and integrity.

Breeder Connect’s passion is to create connection–between breeders who love and demand the best for their animals and in their customers and potential pet parents who want to know that their forever friend has been bred ethically and humanely. Every breeder or service vendor on Breeder Connect has agreed to terms that require them to follow the CVMA Code of Practice For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. This code not only guides breeders in how to breed using the latest science and research for humane treatment, but to improve the human-animal bond in the process.

Breeder Connect: As Easy As One, Two, Three!

Using Breeder Connect to either offer animals for sale or to find the perfect pet couldn’t be easier. Breeders and service vendors begin by creating a detailed profile for the pets and services they have to offer and then the fun starts! Pet parents and potential pet parents begin searching using powerful search tools and filters to find just what they’re hoping for in their forever friend and then they connect. The in-app messenger makes it easy for breeders to connect with both potential clients and colleagues in the pet industry. And if you’re looking for that perfect pet or pet service? It’s just as easy to connect with that breeder or vendor, knowing that they’re a breeder or vendor who works ethically and humanely with the best interest of pets in mind.

Even better, Breeder Connect is free to use. You can search through all the listings and reach out to Breeders and Vendors in our in-App messenger. You can also upgrade your membership to Premium, which will allow you to list several animals and services as well as create unlimited alerts for things that you’re looking for.

Breeder Connect: Bringing The Pet Community Together

Pets connect us in ways we can’t explain. And whether you’re a professional breeder who wants an ethical and easy way to find the best homes for your animals and have at your disposable a huge potential of expanding the genetic diversity of your breeding lines by connecting with other breeders, or a responsible animal lover who is looking for their best friend and a fun community–you’ll find it on Breeder Connect. It’s a platform you can trust, because its founders are so committed to the ethical pet community they’ve built, and it gets bigger and better every day. Connecting ethical breeders and vendors with responsible animal enthusiasts is the heart and soul of Breeder Connect, and a community of which you want to be a part! Download the app now and start connecting!

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Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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