Dog Helps His Humans By Grocery Shopping For Himself

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I’m just gonna be honest here. I have a golden retriever who wouldn’t retrieve if you gave her all the biscuits in the world. Mail or newspaper? Meh. Balls? Maybe, but only on her terms.

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Which is why I just adore Pituco, the cutest little pup from Paraì, Brazil. Pituco is what I like to call a ‘self-starter,’ if you will…and has no problem taking the initiative to get treats for himself.

How does he do that, you ask? Well, he goes right on to the store, picks them out and brings them back home just like you or I do, of course! In fact, he’s so well known in the town and at his favorite pet store, Agro Pet, he makes the fact that a dog literally walks into a shop, barks for his food and treats and walks away with it look like it’s totally the norm.A Brazilian dog proves self-reliance is the key to treats

The store says that they keep his food and treats on the top shelf, which does sort of annoy Pituco, since they know by now he’ll be coming to collect. Easily enough, though, he’ll bark and they’ll listen and all is well as he wags his tail behind him and heads on home.

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While Pituco’s shopping sprees are cute, we have to tell you that he doesn’t seem to care one bit about the bill, as he has never once left even the smallest bit of money or kibble for the trade. Not a worry, however, as the store puts everything he ‘buys’ on a tab and Pituco’s human family simply comes and pays.

His humans find his shopping skills so fabulous, though, they will often call the store ahead to let them know he is coming and give them a list of things for Pituco to return with. Pituco will trot right on in, get the cat food or bird seed left for his animal siblings at home, and share the goods when he returns.

Wonder if he’s ever thought of training humans?

[Source: BoredPanda]