Loyal Pup Won’t Leave His Injured Dad’s Side

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A loyal rescued dog refused to leave his human’s side after the man fell from a tree. The comforting pictures of what happened next will melt your heart.

I admit it. Sometimes, I prefer dogs to people.

Actually, lots of times.

Especially when their precious hearts are revealed in the way a rescued street dog named Tony did earlier this week. Tony’s human Jesus Heuce had found him on the streets of Argentina four years ago and offered him some food and love. Heuce said that Tony is like his son, part of the family who goes everywhere with him. Tony even has a pup of his own, Thumb, who Heuce says is his grandson!

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Thankfully, Tony was with Heuce when he was pruning a tree and fell out. Heuce lost consciousness, but Tony never left his side, according to a neighbor who saw the fall and called rescue services. Tony put his little paws and nose right on Heuce’s chest and when paramedics arrived, even refused to let them get near Tony. Heuce said that Tony was protecting him, and didn’t know if the paramedics would hurt his Daddy or not!

Heuce said he woke up with Tony on top of him, and he was so thankful for his love–which he gives so loyally to Heuce and his family. Tony clearly wanted to go to the hospital with his Dad, and thankfully, Heuce wasn’t severely hurt and they were able to reunite a few hours later.

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Rescue services couldn’t believe Tony’s dedication to his Papa, and posted pictures that went viral. And seriously…why wouldn’t they? That devotion is pure puppy magic.

Good boy, Tony! Good boy!

[Source: The Sun]

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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