Lucy’s Law Confirmed In England, Bans Pet Stores From Selling Puppie

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Those looking for puppies or kittens in the United Kingdom will now need to look at breeders or rescue groups, as a new bill called Lucy’s Law mandates that pet stores are no longer allowed to sell them.

The United Kingdom’s Animal Welfare Minister David Rutley announced that no longer will pet stores or other third parties be able to sell puppies or kittens under six-months-old. Instead, those seeking new family members will either have to go to registered, reputable breeders or rescue groups/centers.

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According to a public consultation, over 95% of citizens support the ban on stores selling puppies and kittens in an effort to bring the number of puppy farms/mills down and to advocate for animal welfare. The

According to Rutely, the ban will make low welfare breeders less motivated to farm/mill animals as they will no longer be able to trade with third-party sellers. He said that the ban on third-party sales is to ensure that the nations beloved pets get the right starts in life, and that Lucy’s Law will continue the work that previous welfare actions (such as banning puppy sales for dogs under eight-weeks-old) have started.

Marc Abraham is a vet and the founder of PupAid and the Lucy’s Law campaign to ban this third-party sales and said that this shows how grassroots campaigning can make a difference. He is thrilled that Lucy’s Law has been confirmed and that illegal puppy dealing and inappropriate activities of breeders will not be rewarded.

Lucy’s Law means that every breeder must now be transparent and will be held accountable and prospective pet parents have safety in knowing their pet came from a situation that took care to preserve the animal’s welfare. He hopes that this is a step in making these practices, as well as the smuggling of pets treated poorly into the country for resell, over in other places outside of the U.K.’s borders as well.

Organizations that protect animals are mostly thrilled, with Battersea saying that the days of unscrupulous puppy dealers who have no regard for animals are near the end, and Dog Trust hopes it’s a step in the right direction to better regulate rehoming sectors as well.

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A spokesperson from Dog Trust said that already, irresponsible sellers will set themselves up as pretend breeders, even going so far as to have fake homes and puppy mamas onsite to trick buyers. They’ll then ship puppies from puppy farms in from overseas. Dog Trust hopes that this loophole is also looked into as part of this move toward better welfare for animals.

And as always, Dog Trust wants to remind people who are considering puppies that dogs are for life, not just Christmas, and hopes that the support from citizens to ban pet store/ third party sales reinforces this idea.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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