Patrick Stewart’s Love Affair With A Beautiful Foster Pittie Named G

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
If you didn’t already love Patrick Stewart before, you’re bound to now when you see how he and his foster Pitbull Ginger get along so lovingly together!

You may know him as Captain Jean Luc Picard from “ Star Trek: The New Generation“, but now, you’ll know him as the adorable man who fosters a happy pit bull named Ginger and steals your heart when he adoringly accuses, “Gingah” of pushing him in his pool. (Swoon over British accent!)

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Sir Patrick Stewart (he was knighted in 2009!) is well known for his charity work, though sci-fans know him best for his straight-laced demeanor as in Star Trek or Professor Xaviar in the X-Men series. He also has a funny sense of humor and has won his place as one of my favorite people on the planet as I’ve watched him and Ginger via his Twitter feed.

Stewart is fostering the two-year-old Ginger through Wags and Walks, a non-profit organization that pulls family friendly dogs from shelters to give them a better chance of adoption. Through Wags and Walks fosters give the dogs safe and loving homes with families, readying them for their forever family, and often showing that certain breeds thought to be not very family friendly are just the opposite.

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That’s true with Stewart and Ginger, who are nothing short of freaking adorable as they snuggle together and Ginger soaks in the authentic affection of a smitten man. We know that for now, Stewart is ‘just’ fostering Ginger, but I have to say–that dog looks pretty darned at home as it is!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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