Special Shelter Pittie Gives Canine Comfort To Cancer Patients

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
There’s something special about shelter dogs. A pitbull rescued from a shelter in Baltimore shows love and gratitude those suffering from cancer.

Losing a furry family member is so hard. Often, when looking to adopt another pet, pet parents worry that they’ll just never find another like the pet they’ve lost. And, that’s true. They won’t. Each pet is unique and individual.

So Mandy Weikert had no intention of leaving the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Center (BARC) with another pet. Her heart was still mourning the dog she’d lost not long before. She doubted she’d ever have another dog with whom she’d share such a special bond.

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But that’s when she met Lady, a goofy and lovable brown-and-white pit bull at the shelter. BARC Volunteer Coordinator Laura Griffiths knew Weikert, as they had met previously when Weikert adopted her first dog. Griffiths said she doesn’t typically call people specifically telling them that she had the perfect dog for them, but she knew there was something special about Lady and that she thought Lady would be the perfect new family member to Weikert and her fiance Chris Kimple.

When Weikert walked into the shelter and met Lady, she was overwhelmed with Lady’s silly, happy-go-lucky spirit, and knew that she would always make Weikert laugh. Essentially, it was love at first sight.

Weikert and Kimple brought Lady home to Pennsylvania, and Lady acted as if she’d been born to live just there. She was silly and loving, and fit right in. Ironically, Lady resembled Weikert’s previous pooch so much that people didn’t know she wasn’t her. So much so that when Lady accompanied Weikert to work at the FHL Blood and Cancer Specialists center in Mechanicsburg, PA, where she worked as a nurse, people thought Lady was Weikert’s other dog…who had given canine comfort to Weikert’s patients before she had died.

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Lady assumed the role of caregiver immediately and brought smiles to more than just Weikert. Lady regularly accompanies Weikert to work and intuitively knows just which patients need just what care. Sometimes Lady will curl right up to patients to give them comfort (and to get cuddles) and others, she’ll just give a quick smooch to show she cares. She loves belly pats and rubs, and the patients, who are often facing grim prognoses seem to love giving them as much as she loves getting them.

Which just goes to show that when we rescue pets, we are not only rescuing them, but they are rescuing so many of us.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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