PetChatz Will Offer ‘Paw-Per-View’ by Streaming DOGTV

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Know how you leave the television on to ‘keep your pup company’ when you leave the house? (We know you do!) Now there’s a channel that’s just for them and it’s combined with PetChatz’s interactive treat dispenser.

Any dog human knows that dogs can and DO watch television! I mean, what’s more fun than your dog going nuts over a cartoon dog on tv? (What? Only mine does that?)

With the partnership of DOGTV, the first television channel specifically made for dogs, and PetChatz HD, the award-winning pet camera that lets pet parents interact with their pets via smartphones/tablets/PCs, comes the ability to have television specifically for dogs streamed in your home, similar to how Netflix is streamed on demand.

PetChatz HD is already capable of letting you have two-way video chats with your pet, as well as give scents and treats to them while you are gone. The system is pet eye-level, and allows your dog the comfort of knowing you’re there even if you’re not really there.

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Combining that amazing technology with the incredible viewing opportunity that DOGTV already offers to cable TV providers, DirectTV and all sorts of connected devices like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, DOGTV will stream over the PetChatz systems. This innovation is specifically designed with pet safety and pet viewing in mind, and is an industry first.

PetChatz founder and CEO Lisa Lavin wanted to create something that helped the separation anxiety pets and their parents often feel when they can’t be together. Adding the ability to watch content specifically designed for pets only enhances the already invaluable features PetChatz already offers.

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On their part, DOGTV brings pet-friendly television that was scientifically researched and developed to attend to a dog’s specific sense of vision and hearing, as well as supporting their instinctive behaviors while alone. DOGTV’s CMO Zuri Guterman is excited about the partnership in that it will allow this perfect viewing platform to pets as it also helps ease anxiety for both pets and their humans.

DOGTV will be able to be streamed, live, on the PetChatz HD videophone in an effort to prevent pets from being bored by offering mental stimulation specifically designed for them. Parents are able to stop the stream whenever they want so they can start a two-way video chat with their pets, and hopefully alleviate some separation anxiety that pets (and their humans!) experience when apart.

All of DOGTV’s current programming will be available to PetChatZ HD owners and their pets, and all new PetChatz HD customers will receive a free month of DOGTV with the purchase of their PetChatz HD unit. Eventually, parents will be able subscribe to DOGTV for a monthly fee of $9.99. DOGTV will be available for streaming in 2017.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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